Aloe marlothii A. Berger


Aloe marlothii, aka mountain aloe, spiny aloe, flat-flowered aloe or in Afrikaans bergaalwyn or boomaalwyn, is a succulent typically reaching 10-12' in height with a thick trunk often covered with old dried leaves. At the top of the stem is a dense rosette of broadly lance-shaped fleshy gray-green and sometimes glaucous leaves. The leaves are spine-studded on both surfaces and the margins are sharply red-brown toothed. Mountain aloe ranges from the KwaZulu-Natal region of eastern South Africa to Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The tubular flowers which are produced from May to September are usually a bright orange-red, but may also be of a more yellowish hue. The complex branching inflorescence can have up to 30 more or less horizontal racemes. The species name was given to honor the famous South African botanist, botanical explorer and plant collector HermannWilhelm Rudolf Marloth (1855-1931). Aloe marlothii is synonymous with Aloe spectabilis.