Aloe zebrina Baker


Despite the fact that the Garden displays plants with all three names, Aloe zebrina is synonymous with A. ammophila and A. transvaalensis. The only common names I have seen for it in English are zebra leaf aloe and tiger aloe, but it is also called kanniedood in Afrikaans. It is a small usually stemless succulent with clumping rosettes of lance-shaped leaves that bear white blotches and thick brownish marginal teeth. When drought-stricken, the leaves tend to dry back and become somewhat twisted. In some forms the white blotches become more zebra-like streaks. The flowers of the inflorescence are pink to orange. Its manner of propagating is to form subsidiary or 'pup' rosettes that often become quite numerous. It is fairly widespread in South Africa and ranges into Namibia and Botswana, and may be present also in parts of tropical Africa.