NOTE: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of name changes for California or even Southern California flora, but rather to include those species that are in my website.


Acer species - to Sapindaceae from Aceraceae
Aesculus species - to Sapindaceae from Hippocastanaceae
Agave species - to Agavaceae from Liliaceae
Allium species - to Alliaceae from Liliaceae
Anagallis species - to Myrsinaceae from Primulaceae
Antirrhinum species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Asclepias species - to Apocynaceae from Asclepiadaceae
Asparagus species - to Asparagaceae from Liliaceae
Asphodelus species - to Asphodelaceae from Liliaceae
Athyrium species - to Woodsiaceae from Dryopteridaceae
Ayenia species - to Malvaceae from Sterculiaceae
Bloomeria species - to Themidaceae from Liliaceae
Brodiaea species - to Themidaceae from Liliaceae
Buddleja species - to Scrophulariaceae from Buddlejaceae
Calandrinia species - to Montiaceae from Portulacaceae
Callitriche species - to Plantaginaceae from Callitrichaceae
Calyptridium species - to Montiaceae from Portulacaceae
Carpenteria species - to Hydrangeaceae from Philadelphaceae
Castilleja species - to Orobanchaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Celtis species - to Cannabaceae from Ulmaceae
Centunculus species - to Myrsinaceae from Primulaceae
Chlorogalum species- to Agavaceae from Liliaceae
Claytonia species - to Montiaceae from Portulacaceae
Cleome/Carsonia species - to Cleomaceae from Capparaceae
Cleomella species - to Cleomaceae from Capparaceae
Collinsia species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariacea
Cordylanthus species - to Orobanchaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Cuscuta species - to Convolvulaceae from Cuscutaceae
Cystopteris species - to Woodsiaceae from Dryopteridaceae
Dichelostemma species - to Themidaceae from Liliaceae
Digitalis species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Emmenanthe species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Eriodictyon species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Eucrypta species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Fremontodendron species - to Malvaceae from Sterculiaceae
Funastrum species - to Aprocynaceae from Asclepiadaceae
Gambelia species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Hesperocallis species - to Agavaceae from Liliaceae
Hesperochiron species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Hesperoyucca species - to Agavaceae from Liliaceae
Isomeris/Peritoma species - to Cleomaceae from Capparaceae
Keckiella species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Kickxia species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Lemna species - to Araceae from Lemnaceae
Lewisia species - to Montiaceae from Portulacaceae
Liliaceae has been divided into Agavaceae, Asphodelaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Asparagaceae, Themidaceae, Laxmanniaceae, Ruscaceae, Alliaceae, Melanthiaceae, Tofieldiaceae and Liliaceae
Maianthemum species - to Ruscaceae from Liliaceae
Matelea species - to Apocynaceae from Asclepiadaceae
Maurandella species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Mimulus species - to Phrymaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Mohavea species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Montia species - to Montiaceae from Portulacaceae
Muilla species - to Themidaceae from Liliaceae
Myoporum species - to Scrophulariaceae from Myoporaceae
Nama species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Nemophila species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Nolina species - to Ruscaceae from Liliaceae
Nuttallanthus (Linaria) species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Oxystylis species - to Cleomaceae from Capparaceae
Parnassia species - to Parnassiaceae from Saxifragaceae
Pedicularis species - to Orobanchaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Penstemon species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Peritoma species - to Cleomaceae from Capparaceae
Phacelia species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Philadelphus species - to Hydrangeaceae from Philadelphaceae
Pholisma species - to Boraginaceae from Lennoaceae
Pholistoma species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Pilostyles species - to Apodanthaceae from Rafflesiaceae
Sambucus species - to Adoxaceae from Caprifoliaceae
Samolus species - to Theophrastaceae from Primulaceae
Sarcobatus species - to Sarcobataceae from Chenopodiaceae
Sarcostemma (Funastrum) species - to Apocynaceae from Asclepiadaceae
Scirpus species - now divided among families Bolboschoenus, Isolepis, Scirpus, Schoenoplectus, and Trichophorum
Sequoiadendron species - to Cupressaceae from Taxodiaceae
Smilacina (Maianthemum) species - to Ruscaceae from Liliaceae
Tetracoccus species - to Picrodendraceae from Euphorbiaceae
Toxicoscordion species - to Melanthiaceae from Liliaceae
Tricardia species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Trieteleia species - to Themidaceae from Liliaceae
Turricula species - to Boraginaceae from Hydrophyllaceae
Woodsia species - to Woodsiaceae from Dryopteridaceae
Veronica species - to Plantaginaceae from Scrophulariaceae
Yucca species - to Agavaceae (from Liliaceae
Zigadenus species - to Melanthiaceae from Liliaceae


Abronia nana ssp. covillei = Abronia nana var. covillei
Abronia umbellata ssp. umbellata = Abronia umbellata var. umbellata
Acacia farnesiana var. farnesiana = Vachellia farnesiana var. farnesiana
Acacia greggii = Senegalia greggii
Acer glabrum = Acer glabrum var. diffusum (In SoCal)
Acer negundo var. californicum = Acer negundo
Achnatherum aridum = Stipa arida
Achnatherum coronatum = Stipa coronata
Achnatherum diegoense = Stipa diogoensis
Achnatherum hymenoides = Stipa hymenoides
Achnatherum occidentale = Stipa occidentalis
Achnatherum parishii = Stipa parishii
Achnatherum speciosum = Stipa speciosa
Agave shawii = Agave shawii var. shawii
Agoseris grandiflora = Agoseris grandiflora var. grandiflora (In SoCal)
Agropyron desertorum = Agropyron cristatum ssp. pectinatum
Agrostis viridis = Polypogon viridis
Aliciella latifolia = Aliciella latifolia ssp. latifolia
Alisma plantago-aquatica = Alisma triviale
Alopecurus aequalis = Alopecurus aequalis var. aequalis (In SoCal)
Amphipappus fremontii ssp. fremontii = Amphipappus fremontii var. fremontii
Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia = Amsinckia intermedia
Amsinckia menziesii var. menziesii = Amsinckia menziesii
Arabis glabra = Turritis glabra
Arabis holboelii var. pinetorum = Boechera pinetorum
Arabis parishii = Boechera parishii
Arabis perennans = Boechera perennans
Arabis platysperma var. platysperma = Boechera platysperma
Arabis pulchra var. pulchra = Boechera pulchra
Arabis pulchra var. gracilis = Boechera xylopoda
Arabis rectissima = Boechera rectissima
Arabis repanda = Boechera repanda
Arabis shockleyi = Boechera shockleyi
Arabis sparsiflora var. arcuata = Boechera arcuata
Arabis sparsiflora var. californica = Boechera californica
Arceuthobium abietinum = Arceuthobium campylopodum
Arctostaphylos gabrielensis = Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. gabrielensis
Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. glaucomollis = Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. mollis
Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. zacaensis = Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. glandulosa
Arenaria kingii = Eremogone kingii
Arenaria lanuginosa ssp. saxosa = Arenaria lanuginosa var. saxosa
Arenaria macradenia var. macradenia = Eremogone macradenia var. macradenia
Arenaria ursina = Eremogone ursina
Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa = Arnica chamissonis
Aster alpigenus var. andersonii = Oreostemma alpigenum var. andersonii
Aster ascendens = Symphyotrichum ascendens
Aster bernardinus = Symphyotrichum defoliatum
Aster chilensis = Symphyotrichum chilense
Aster greatae = Symphyotrichum greatae
Aster lanceolatus var. hesperius = Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. hesperium
Aster occidentalis var. occidentalis = Symphyotrichum spathulatum var. spathulatum
Aster subulatus var. ligulatus = Symphyotrichum subulatum var. paviflorum
Atriplex canescens ssp. canescens = Atriplex canescens var. canescens
Atriplex lentiformis ssp. lentiformis = Atriplex lentiformis
Atriplex lentiformis ssp. torreyi = Atriplex lentiformis
Atriplex phyllostegia = Atriplex covillei
Atriplex triangularis = Atriplex prostrata
Baccharis douglasii = Baccharis glutinosa
Baccharis emoryi = Baccharis salicina
Baccharis pilularis = Baccharis pilularis ssp. consanguinea (In SoCal)
Baccharis salicifolia = Baccharis salicifolia ssp. salicifolia
Bahia dissecta = Amauriopsis dissecta
Baileya multiradiata var. multiradiata - Baileya multiradiata
Bernardia myricifolia = Bernardia incana (B. myricifolia being a taxon not present in CA)
Beta vulgaris = Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima
Bidens pilosa var. pilosa = Bidens pilosa
Bloomeria crocea (in part) = Bloomeria crocea var. crocea (SW)
Bloomeria crocea (in part) = Bloomeria crocea var. montana (Teh, SCoR, WTR)
Boerhavia coulteri = Boerhavia coulteri var. palmeri
Boerhavia intermedia = Boerhavia triquetra var. intermedia
Bolboschoenus maritimus = Bolboschoenus maritimus ssp. paludosus
Boschniakia strobilacea = Kopsiopsis strobilacea
Bouteloua  aristidoides = Bouteloua  aristidoides var. aristidoides
Brickellia arguta var. arguta = Brickellia atractyloides var. arguta
Brickellia multiflora = Brickellia longifolia var. multiflora
Bromus carinatus var. maritimus = Bromus maritimus
Bromus trinii = Bromus berteroanus
Caesalpinia virgata = Hoffmannseggia microphylla
Calandrinia ambigua = Cistanthe ambigua
Calandrinia maritima = Cistanthe maritima
Calochortus clavatus ssp. clavatus = Calochortus clavatus var. clavatus
Calochortus clavatas ssp. pallidus = Calochortus clavatus var. pallidus
Calochortus weedii var. vestus = Calochortus fimbriatus
Camissonia bistorta = Camissoniopsis bistorta
Camissonia boothii ssp. condensata = Eremothera boothii ssp. condensata
Camissonia boothii ssp. decorticans = Eremothera boothii ssp. decorticans
Camissonia boothii ssp. desertorum = Eremothera boothii ssp. desertorum
Camissonia boothii ssp. intermedia = Eremothera boothii ssp. desertorum
Camissonia brevipes ssp. brevipes = Chylismia brevipes ssp. brevipes
Camissonia californica = Eulobus californicus
Camissonia cardiophylla ssp. cardiophylla = Chylismia cardiophylla ssp. cardiophylla
Camissonia cheiranthifolia ssp. cheiranthifolia = Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia ssp. cheiranthifolia
Camissonia cheiranthifolia ssp. suffruticosa = Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia ssp. suffruticosa
Camissonia claviformis ssp. aurantiaca = Chylismia claviformis ssp. aurantiaca
Camissonia claviformis ssp. claviformis = Chylismia claviformis ssp. claviformis
Camissonia claviformis ssp. funerea = Chylismia claviformis ssp. funerea
Camissonia claviformis ssp. lancifolia = Chylismia claviformis ssp. lancifolia
Camissonia claviformis ssp. peirsonii = Chylismia claviformis ssp. peirsonii
Camissonia confusa = Camissoniopsis confusa
Camissonia hirtella = Camissoniopsis hirtella
Camissonia ignota = Camissoniopsis ignota
Camissonia intermedia = Camissoniopsis intermedia
Camissonia micrantha = Camissoniopsis micrantha
Camissonia pallida = Camissoniopsis pallida
Camissonia palmeri = Tetrapteron palmeri
Camissonia pterosperma = Chylismiella pterosperma
Camissonia refracta = Eremothera refracta
Camissonia robusta = Camissoniopsis robusta
Camissonia walkeri = Chylismia walkeri
Cardamine californica var. californica = Cardamine californica
Carduus pycnocephalus = Carduus pycnocephalus ssp. pycnocephalus
Castilleja angustifolia = Castilleja chromosa
Castilleja densiflora = Castilleja densiflora ssp. gracilis (In SoCal)
Castilleja lanata ssp. hololeuca = Castilleja hololeuca
Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. amplexicaulis = Caulanthus amplexicaulis
Caulanthus coulteri var. coulteri = Caulanthus coulteri
Caulanthus crassicaulis var. crassicaulis = Caulanthus crassicaulis
Caulanthus heterophyllus var. heterophyllus = Caulanthus heterophyllus
Caulanthus heterophyllus var. pseudosimulans = Caulanthus heterophyllus
Caulanthus major var. major = Caulanthus major
Ceanothus greggii var. perplexans = Ceanothus perplexans
Ceanothus greggi var. vestitus = Ceanothus vestitus
Ceanothus integerrimus = Ceanothus integerrimus var. macrothyrsus (In SoCal)
Centaurea maculosa = Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos
Centaurium venustum = Zeltnera venusta
Centunculus minimus = Anagallis minima
Cercidium floridum ssp. floridum = Parkinsonia florida
Cercidium microphyllum = Parkinsonia microphylla
Cercocarpus intricatus = Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intricatus
Chamaesyce abramsiana = Euphorbia abramsiana
Chamaesyce albomarginata = Euphorbia albomarginata
Chamaesyce arizonica = Euphorbia arizonica
Chamaesyce melanadenia = Euphorbia melanadenia
Chamaesyce micromera = Euphorbia micromera
Chamaesyce ocellata ssp. arenicola = Euphorbia ocellata ssp. arenicola
Chamaesyce parishii = Euphorbia parishii
Chamaesyce parryi = Euphorbia parryi
Chamaesyce pediculifera = Euphorbia pediculifera
Chamaesyce polycarpa = Euphorbia polycarpa
Chamaesyce prostrate = Euphorbia prostrata
Chamaesyce serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia = Euphorbia serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia
Chamaesyce setiloba = Euphorbia setiloba
Chamomilla suaveolens = Matricaria discoidea
Chenopodium ambrosioides = Dysphania ambrosioides
Chenopodium botrys = Dysphania botrys
Chenopodium macrospermum var. halophilum = Chenopodium macrospermum
Chrysanthemum coronarium = Glebionis coronaria
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. bernardinus = Ericameria nauseosa var. bernardina
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. ceruminosus = Ericameria nauseosa var. ceruminosa
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. consimilis = Ericameria nauseosa var. oreophila
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. hololeucus = Ericameria nauseosa var. hololeuca
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. mohavensis = Ericameria nauseosa var. mohavensis
Chrysothamnus paniculatus = Ericameria paniculata
Chrysothamnus parryi ssp. asper = Ericameria parryi var. aspera
Cirsium nidulum = Cirsium arizonicum var. tenuisectum (C. nidulum being a taxon not in CA)
Cistus creticus = Cistus incanus
Cleome sparsifolia = Carsonia sparsifolia
Cnicus benedictus = Centaurea benedicta
Conyza bonariensis = Erigeron bonariensis
Conyza canadensis = Erigeron canadensis
Conyza coulteri = Laennecia coulteri
Conyza floribunda = Erigeron sumatrensis
Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. maritimus = Chloropyron maritimum ssp. maritimum
Cordylanthus orcuttianus = Dicranostegia orcuttiana
Cordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerus = Cordylanthus rigidus ssp. setiger
Coreopsis bigelovii = Leptosyne bigelovii
Coreopsis californica var. californica = Leptosyne californica
Coreopsis gigantea = Leptosyne gigantea
Coreopsis maritima = Leptosyne maritima
Coronopus didymus = Lepidium didymum
Croton setigerus = Croton setiger
Cryptantha circumscissa = Cryptantha circumscissa var. circumscissa (In SoCal)
Cryptantha intermedia = Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia (In SoCal)
Cupressus arizonica ssp. arizonica = Hesperocyparis stephensonii
Cupressus forbesii = Hesperocyparis forbesii
Cuscuta californica var. breviflora = Cuscuta occidentalis
Cuscuta pentagona = Cuscuta campestris
Cuscuta salina var. major = Cuscuta salina
Dicentra chrysantha = Ehrendorferia chrysantha
Dicentra ochroleuca = Ehrendorferia ochroleuca
Ditaxis californica = Ditaxis serrata var. californica
Draba corrugata var. corrugata = Draba corrugata
Draba corrugata var. saxosa = Draba saxosa
Duchesnea indica = Duchesnea indica var. indica
Dudleya hassei = Dudleya virens ssp. hassei
Dudleya pulverulenta ssp. pulverulenta = Dudleya pulverulenta
Echinocereus triglochidiatus = Echinocereus mohavensis
Elymus glaucus ssp. jepsonii = Elymus glaucus ssp. glaucus
Elytrigia intermedia ssp. intermedia = Elymus hispidus
Elytrigia pontica ssp. pontica = Elymus ponticus
Epilobium angustifolium ssp. circumvagum = Chamerion angustifolium ssp. circumvagum
Epilobium pygmaeum = Epilobium campestre
Eremocarpus setigerus = Croton setiger
Eremogone kingii = Eremogone kingii var. glabrescens
Eriastrum eremicum var. eremicum = Eriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicum
Eriogonum trichopes var. trichopes = Eriogonum trichopes
Erioneuron pulchellum = Dasyochloa pulchella
Eriophyllum confertiflorum ssp. confertiflorum = Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorum
Eriophyllum nevinii = Constancea nevinii
Erodium macrophyllum = California macrophylla
Erysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum = Erysimum capitatum var. capitatum
Erysimum insulare ssp. insulare = Erysimum insulare
Escobaria vivipara var. alversonii = Coryphantha alversonii
Escobaria vivipara var.deserti = Coryphantha chlorantha
Escobaria vivipara var. rosea = Coryphantha vivipara var. rosea
Euphorbia incisa = Euphorbia schizoloba
Euphorbia palmeri = Euphorbia lurida
Eustoma exaltatum = Eustoma exaltatum ssp. exaltatum
Filago californica = Logfia filaginoides
Filago depressa = Logfia depressa
Filago gallica = Logfia gallica
Fouquieria splendens var. splendens = Fouquieria splendens ssp. splendens
Fremontodendron californicum ssp. californicum = Fremontodendron californicum
Galium stellatum var. eremicum = Galium stellatum
Galium trifidum var. pusillum = Galium trifidum ssp. subbiflorum
Galvezia speciosa = Gambelia speciosa
Gamochaeta purpurea no longer considered as being in CA
Gastridium ventricosum = Gastridium phleoides
Gaura coccinea = Oenothera suffrutescens
Gaura sinuata = Oenothera sinuosa
Geum macrophyllum = Geum macrophyllum var. perincisum (in SoCal)
Gilia australis = Saltugilia australis
Gilia campanulata = Linanthus campanulatus
Gilia caruifolia = Saltugilia caruifolia
Gilia filiformis = Linanthus filiformis
Gilia hutchinsifolia = Aliciella hutchinsifolia
Gilia latifolia = Aliciella latifolia
Gilia leptomeria = Aliciella leptomeria
Gilia maculata = Linanthus maculatus
Gilia splendens ssp. grantii = Saltugilia splendens ssp. grantii
Gilia splendens ssp. splendens = Saltugilia splendens ssp. splendens
Gilia tricolor = Gilia tricolor ssp. diffusa (In SoCal)
Gilia triodon = Aliciella triodon
Glossopetalon spinescens = Glossopetalon spinescens var. aridum
Gnaphalium bicolor = Pseudognaphalium biolettii
Gnaphalium californicum = Pseudognaphalium californicum
Gnaphalium canescens ssp. beneolens = Pseudognaphalium beneolens
Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalum = Pseudognaphalium microcephalum
Gnaphalium canescens ssp. thermale = Pseudognaphalium thermale
Gnaphalium luteo-album = Pseudognaphalium luteo-album
Gnaphalium purpureum = Gamochaeta purpurea (see note on G. purpurea above)
Gnaphalium ramosissimum = Pseudognaphalium ramosissimum
Gnaphalium stramineum = Pseudognaphalium stramineum
Grindelia camporum var. bracteosum = Grindelia camporum
Grindelia hirsutula var. hallii = Grindelia hallii
Guillenia lasiophylla = Caulanthus lasiophyllus
Hedeoma nanum ssp. californicum = Hedeoma nanum ssp. californica
Helianthus niveus ssp. canescens = Helianthus petiolaris ssp. canescens
Heliotropium curassavicum = Heliotropium curassavicum var. oculatum
Hemizonia arida = Deinandra arida
Hemizonia clementina = Deinandra clementina
Hemizonia conjugens = Deinandra conjugens
Hemizonia fasciculata = Deinandra fasciculata
Hemizonia minthornii = Deinandra minthornii
Hemizonia mohavensis = Deinandra mohavensis
Hemizonia paniculata = Deinandra paniculata
Hemizonia parryi ssp. australis = Centromadia parryi ssp. australis
Hemizonia pungens ssp. laevis = Centromadia pungens ssp. laevis
Heracleum lanatum = Heracleum maximum
Hernieria hirsuta ssp. cinerea = Hernieria hirsuta var. cinerea
Heuchera elegans = Heuchera caespitosa
Heuchera rubescens var. alpicola = Heuchera rubescens
Holodiscus discolor = Holodiscus discolor var. discolor
Holodiscus microphyllus var. microphyllus = Holodiscus discolor var. microphyllus
Horkelia clevelandii = Horkelia clevelandii var. clevelandii
Hutchinsia procumbens = Hornungia procumbens
Hymenoclea salsola var. salsola = Ambrosia salsola var. salsola
Hymenoxys acaulis var. arizonica = Tetraneuris acaulis var. arizonica
Hypericum formosum var. scouleri = Hypericum scouleri
Isomeris arborea = Peritoma arborea
Iva axillaris ssp. robustior = Iva axillaris
Ivesia argyrocoma = Ivesia argyrocoma var. argyrocoma
Juglans californica var. californica = Juglans californica
Juncus effusus var. pacificus = Juncus effusus ssp. pacificus
Juniperus occidentalis var. australis = Juniperus grandis
Krameri grayi = Krameria bicolor
Lagophylla ramosissima ssp. ramosissima = Lagophylla ramosissima
Lasthenia californica = Lasthenia gracilis (In SoCal)
Lavatera assurgentiflora = Malva assurgentiflora
Lavatera cretica = Malva pseudolavatera
Lepidium flavum var. flavum = Lepidium flavum
Lepidium fremontii var. fremontii = Lepidium fremontii
Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpum = Lepidium lasiocarpum ssp. lasiocarpum
Lepidium montanum var. cinereum = Lepidium montanum
Lepidium nitidum var. nitidum = Lepidium nitidum
Lepidium virginicum var. pubescens = Lepidium virginicum ssp. menziesii
Lepidium virginicum var. robinsonii = Lepidium virginicum ssp. menziesii
Leptodactylon californicum = Linanthus californicus
Leptodactylon jaegeri = Linanthus jaegeri
Leptodactylon pungens = Linanthus pungens
Leptosyne californica var. californica = Leptosyne californica
Lesquerella kingii ssp. bernardina = Physaria kingii ssp. bernardina
Lesquerella kingii ssp. kingii = Physaria kingii ssp. kingii
Lesquerella tenella = Physaria tenella
Lessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifolia = Corethrogyne filaginifolia
Lessingia lemmonii var. lemmonii = Lessingia glandulifera var. glandulifera
Leymus cinereus = Elymus cinereus
Leymus condensatus = Elymus condensatus
Leymus pacificus = Elymus pacificus
Leymus triticoides = Elymus triticoides
Lilaea scilloides = Triglochin scilloides
Limnanthes gracilis ssp. parishii = Limnanthes alba ssp. parishii
Linanthus aureus ssp. aureus = Leptosiphon aureus ssp. aureus
Linanthus aureus ssp. decorus = Leptosiphon aureus ssp. decorus
Linanthus breviculus = Leptosiphon breviculus
Linanthus ciliatus = Leptosiphon ciliatus
Linanthus floribundus ssp. glaber = Leptosiphon floribundus ssp. glaber
Linanthus floribundus ssp. hallii = Leptosiphon floribundus ssp. hallii
Linanthus parviflorus = Leptosiphon parviflorus
Linanthus pygmaeus ssp. continentalis = Leptosiphon pygmaeus ssp. continentalis
Linaria canadensis var. texana = Nuttallanthus texanus
Lithocarpus densiflorus var. densiflorus = Notholithocarpus densiflorus var. densiflorus
Lolium multiflorum = Festuca perennis
Lolium temulentum = Festuca temulenta
Lonicera hispidula var. vacillans = Lonicera hispidula
Lonicera involucrata = Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii (In SoCal)
Lotus argophyllus var. adsurgens = Acmispon argophyllus var. adsurgens
Lotus argophyllus var. argophyllus = Acmispon argophyllus var. argophyllus
Lotus argophyllus var. niveus = Acmispon argophyllus var. niveus
Lotus argyraeus var. argyraeus = Acmispon argyraeus var. argyraeus
Lotus argyraeus var. multicaulis = Acmispon argyraeus var. multicaulis
Lotus crassifolius var. crassifolius = Hosackia crassifolia var. crassifolia
Lotus dendroideus var. dendroideus = Acmispon dendroideus var. dendroideus
Lotus dendroideus var. veatchii = Acmispon dendroideus var. veatchii
Lotus denticulatus = Acmispon denticulatus
Lotus grandiflorus var. grandiflorus = Acmispon grandiflorus var. grandiflorus
Lotus hamatus = Acmispon micranthus
Lotus heermannii var. heermannii = Acmispon heermannii var. heermannii
Lotus humistratus = Acmispon brachycarpus
Lotus nevadensis var. davidsonii = Acmispon nevadensis var. davidsonii
Lotus nevadensis var. nevadensis = Acmispon nevadensis var. nevadensis
Lotus oblongifolius var. oblongifolius = Hosackia oblongifolia var. oblongifolia
Lotus procumbens var. procumbens = Acmispon procumbens var. procumbens
Lotus purshianus var. purshianus = Acmispon americanus var. americanus
Lotus rigidus = Acmispon rigidus
Lotus salsuginosus var. brevivexillus = Acmispon maritimus var. brevivexillus
Lotus salsuginosus var. salsuginosus = Acmispon maritimus var. maritimus
Lotus scoparius var. brevialatus = Acmispon glaber var. brevialatus
Lotus scoparius var. scoparius = Acmispon glaber var. glaber
Lotus strigosus = Acmispon strigosus
Lotus wrangelianus = Acmispon wrangelianus
Luzula comosa - JM2 has no range in SoCal for this taxon
Lyrocarpa coulteri var. palmeri = Lyrocarpa coulteri
Machaeranthera arida = Arida arizonica
Machaeranthera asteroides var. asteroides = Dieteria asteroides var. asteroides
Machaeranthera asteroides var. lagunensis = Dieteria asteroides var. lagunensis
Machaeranthera canescens var. canescens = Dieteria canescens var. canescens
Machaeranthera canescens var. leucanthemifolia = Dieteria canescens var. leucanthemifolia
Machaeranthera canescens var. ziegleri = Dieteria canescens var. ziegleri
Machaeranthera gracilis = Xanthisma gracile
Madia elegans ssp. elegans = Madia elegans
Madia elegans ssp. wheeleri = Madia elegans
Madia minima = Hemizonella minima
Malcolmia africana = Strigosella africana
Marah macrocarpa var. macrocarpa = Marah macrocarpa
Marah macrocarpa var. major = Marah macrocarpa
Matricaria matricarioides = Matrricaria discoidea
Maurandya antirrhiniflora ssp. antirrhiniflora = Maurandella antirrhiniflora
Mentha spicata var. spicata = Mentha spicata
Mentzelia multiflora var. longiloba = Mentzelia longiloba
Mimulus flemingii = Mimulus aurantiacus var. parviflorus
Mimulus fremontii = Mimulus fremontii var. fremontii
Mimulus fremontii = Mimulus fremontii var. vandenbergensis
Minuartia nuttallii ssp. gracilis = Minuartia nuttallii var. gracilis
Mirabilis bigelovii var. bigelovii = Mirabilis laevis var. villosa
Mirabilis bigelovii var. retrorsa = Mirabilis laevis var. retrorsa
Mirabilis jalapa = Mirabilis jalapa var. jalapa
Mirabilis pumila = Mirabilis albida
Monanthochloe littoralis = Distichlis littoralis
Monardella australis = Monardella australis ssp. australis
Monardella cinerea = Monardella australis ssp. cinerea
Monardella lanceolata = Monardella breweri ssp. lanceolata
Monardella linoides ssp. viminea = Monardella viminea
Monardella nana ssp. arida = Monardella nana
Monardella nana ssp. leptosiphon = Monardella nana
Monardella nana ssp. nana = Monardella nana
Monardella nana ssp. tenuiflora = Monardella nana
Muilla clevelandii = Bloomeria clevelandii
Myrica californica = Morella californica
Nassella cernua = Stipa cernua
Nassella lepida = Stipa lepida
Nassella pulchra = Stipa pulchra
Nemacladus glanduliferus var. glanduliferus = Nemacladus glanduliferus
Nemacladus glanduliferus var. orientalis = Nemacladus orientalis
Nolina parryi = Nolina cismontana (at least for plants of WTR and N & W PR)
Oenothera caespitosa = Oenothera cespitosa
Opuntia acanthocarpa var. coloradensis = Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. coloradensis
Opuntia bigelovii = Cylindropuntia bigelovii
Opuntia echinocarpa = Cylindropuntia echinocarpa
Opuntia erinacea var. erinacea = Opuntia polyacantha var. erinacea
Opuntia Xfosbergi = Cylindropuntia Xfosbergi
Opuntia parishii = Grusonia parishii
Opuntia parryi var. parryi = Cylindropuntia californica var. parkeri
Opuntia prolifera = Cylindropuntia prolifera
Opuntia ramosissima = Cylindropuntia ramosissima
Opuntia vaseyi = Opuntia Xvaseyi
Opuntia wolfii = Cylindropuntia wolfii
Osmorhiza chilensis = Osmorhiza berteroi
Osteospermum ecklonis = Dimorphotheca ecklonis
Oxalis albicans ssp. californica = Oxalis californica
Oxalis albicans ssp. pilosa = Oxalis pilosa
Oxytheca caryophylloides = Sidotheca caryophylloides
Oxytheca emarginata = Sidotheca emarginata
Oxytheca parishii var. cienegensis = Acanthoscyphus parishii var. cienegensis
Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana = Acanthoscyphus parishii var. goodmaniana
Oxytheca parishii var. parishii = Acanthoscyphus parishii var. parishii
Oxytheca trilobata = Sidotheca trilobata
Oxytropis oreophila = Oxytropis oreophila var. oreophila
Parnassia californica = Parnassia palustris
Petrophyton caespitosum = Petrophytum caespitosum ssp. caespitosum (In SoCal)
Phacelia cicutaria var. hubbyi = Phacelia hubbyi
Phacelia ramosissima var. latifolia = Phacelia ramosissima
Phacelia ramosissima var. ramosissima = Phacelia ramosissima
Phlox gracilis = Microsteris gracilis
Phoradendron densum = Phoradendron bolleanum
Phoradendron libocedri = Phoradendron juniperinum
Phoradendron macrophyllum = Phoradendron serotinum ssp. macrophyllum = Phoradendron leucarpum ssp. macrophyllum
Phoradendron pauciflorum = Phoradendron bolleanum
Phoradendron villosum = Phoradendron serotinum ssp. tomentosum = Phoradendron leucarpum ssp. tomentosum
Picris echioides = Helminthotheca echioides
Pinus ponderosa = Pinus ponderosa var. pacifica (In SoCal)
Pinus torreyana = Pinus torreyana ssp. torreyana (At Torrey Pines, ssp. insularis also in coastal SB Co)
Piptatherum miliaceum = Stipa miliacea
Plagiobothrys fulvus = Plagiobothrys fulvus var. campestris
Platanthera leucostachys = Platanthera dilatata var. leucostachys
Plectritis ciliosa ssp. insignis = Plectritis ciliosa
Pleuraphis rigida = Hilaria rigida
Pluchea odorata = Pluchea odorata var. odorata
Poa bulbosa = Poa bulbosa ssp. ssp. vivipara (In SoCal)
Polemonium occidentale = Polemonium occidentale ssp. occidentale
Polycarpon tetraphyllum = Polycarpon tetraphyllum var. tetraphyllum
Polygonum amphibium var. emersum = Persicaria amphibia
Polygonum arenastrum = Polygonum aviculare ssp. depressum
Polygonum bistortoides = Bistorta bistortoides
Polygonum capitatum = Persicaria capitata
Polygonum douglasii ssp. douglasii = Polygonum douglasii
Polygonum douglasii ssp. johnstonii = Polygonum sawatchense ssp. sawatchense
Polygonum lapathifolium = Persicaria lapathifolia
Polygonum punctatum = Persicaria punctata
Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa = Populus trichocarpa
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. ewanii = Drymocallis cuneifolia var. ewanii
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. glandulosa (in part) = Drymocallis glandulosa var. glandulosa (Not in SoCal)
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. glandulosa (in part)= Drymocallis glandulosa var. wrangelliana (SoCO, maybe TR,PR)
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. nevadensis = Drymocallis lactea var. lactea
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. reflexa (in part) = Drymocallis glandulosa var. reflexa
Potentilla glandulosa ssp. reflexa (in part)= Drymocallis glandulosa var. viscida
Psilocarphus tenellus var. tenellus = Psilocarphus tenellus
Purshia mexicana var. stansburyana = Purshia stansburyana
Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus = Ranunculus aquatilis var. diffusus
Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus = Ranunculus cymbalaria
Ranunculus occidentalis - JM2 has no range including SoCal (??)
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum = Nasturtium officinale
Rhamnus californica ssp. californica = Frangula californica ssp. californica
Rhamnus tomentella ssp. tomentella = Frangula californica ssp. tomentella
Rhamnus tomentella ssp. cuspidata = Frangula californica ssp. cuspidata
Rhus trilobata = Rhus aromatica
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum = Nasturtium officinale
Rorippa palustris var. occidentalis = Rorippa palustris ssp. palustris
Rosa gymnocarpa = Rosa gymnocarpa var. gymnocarpa (In SoCal)
Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana = Rosa woodsii ssp. ultramontana
Rubus discolor = Rubus armeniacus
Rumex salicifolius var. denticulatus = Rumex californicus
Salazaria mexicana = Scutellaria mexicana
Salicornia subterminalis = Arthrocnemum subterminale
Salicornia virginica no longer in JM2, plants of S. pacifica occ. misidentified as S. virginica
Salix lucida ssp. lasiandra = Salix lasiandra var. lasiandra
Sambucus mexicana = Sambucus nigra ssp. caerulea
Sambucus racemosa var. microbotrys = Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa
Sarcostemma cynanchoides ssp. hartwegii = Funastrum cynanchoides var. hartwegii
Sarcostemma hirtellum = Funastrum hirtellum
Satureja chandleri = Clinopodium chandleri
Satureja douglasii = Clinopodium mimuloides
Satureja mimuloides = Clinopodium mimuloides
Saxifraga californica = Micranthes californica
Schkuhria multiflora var. multiflora = Bahia neomexicana
Scirpus americanus = Schoenoplectus americanus
Scirpus californicus = Schoenoplectus californicus
Scirpus maritimus = Bolboschoenus maritimus
Scrophularia californica ssp. californica = Scrophularia californica
Scrophularia californica ssp. floribunda = Scrophularia californica
Senecio bernardinus = Packera bernardina
Senecio ionophyllus = Packera ionophylla
Senecio multilobatus = Packera multilobata
Sidalcea malviflora ssp. sparsifolia = Sidalcea sparsifolia
Silene laciniata ssp. major = Silene laciniata ssp. laciniata (common name Mexican pink)
Silene multinervia = Silene coniflora
Silene verecunda ssp. platyota = Silene verecunda
Stanleya pinnata var. inyoensis = Stanleya pinnata var. pinnata
Smilacina racemosa = Maianthemum racemosum
Smilacina stellata = Maianthemum stellatum
Solidago californica = Solidago velutina ssp. californica
Spergularia bocconei = Spergularia bocconi
Spergularia macrotheca ssp. macrotheca = Spergularia macrotheca var. macrotheca
Stachys ajugoides var. rigida = Stachys rigida var. rigida (In SoCal)
Stanleya pinnata var. inyoensis = Stanleya pinnata var. pinnata
Stellaria longipes var. longipes = Stellaria longipes ssp. longipes
Stephanomeria spinosa = Pleiacanthus spinosus
Streptanthus cordatus = Streptanthus cordatus var. cordatus (In SoCal)
Stylomecon heterophylla = Papaver heterophyllum
Styrax officinalis var. redivivus = Styrax redivivus
Suaeda moquinii = Suaeda nigra
Swertia neglecta = Frasera neglecta
Swertia parryi = Frasera parryi
Thermopsis macrophylla var. argentata = Thermopsis californica var. argentata
Thermopsis macrophylla var. semota = Thermopsis californica var. semota
Tidestromia oblongifolia = Tidestromia suffruticosa var. oblongifolia
Trifolium albopurpureum var. albopurpureum = Trifolium albopurpureum
Trifolium gracilentum var. gracilentum = Trifolium gracilentum
Trifolium longipes var. nevadense = Trifolium longipes ssp. hansenii
Trifolium monanthum var. grantianum = Trifolium monanthus ssp. grantianum
Trifolium monanthum var. monanthum = Trifolium monanthum ssp. monanthum
Turricula parryi = Eriodictyon parryi
Vicia americana var. americana = Vicia americana ssp. americana
Vicia ludoviciana var. ludoviciana = Vicia ssp. ludoviciana
Viguiera laciniata = Bahiopsis laciniata
Viguiera parishii = Bahiopsis parishii
Viola adunca = Viola adunca ssp. adunca
Vulpia microstachys = Festuca microstachys
Vulpia myuros var. hirsuta = Festuca myuros
Vulpia octoflora var. hirtella = Festuca octoflora
Vulpia octoflora var. octoflora = Festuca octoflora
Yucca baccata = Yucca baccata var. baccata
Yucca whipplei = Hesperoyucca whipplei
Zigadenus brevibracteatus = Toxicoscordion brevibracteatum
Zigadenus fremontii = Toxicoscordion fremontii
Zigadenus venenosus var. venenosus = Toxicoscordion venenosum var. venenosum
Zizyphus parryi = Zizyphus parryi var. parryi