Phacelia curvipes S. Watson

Curved-Stem Phacelia
Boraginaceae (Borage Family)


Curved-stem phacelia (also known as dwarf phacelia and washoe phacelia) is a small, mostly soft-pubescent annual that is 6-12" high with a spreading to ascending many-branched stem with largely basal oblong leaves.  The flower is about 1/2" long, rotate to bell-shaped, the throat tube white, and the lobes are blue to violet.  This species is an occasional resident of dry, sandy to rocky slopes and flats in chaparral, sagebrush scrub, oak and pine woodland and coniferous forest, 3500' to 8000', ranging from the Tehachapis through the Transverse Range to the mountains of San Diego Co. and the Mojave Desert. The blooming period is from April to June. These photos were taken in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.

Click here for name derivations: 1) Phacelia 2) curvipes.
Pronunciation: fa-SEEL-ee-a KUR-vi-pees.
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