Phoradendron bolleanum (Seem.) Eichler

Bolle's Mistletoe, Dense mistletoe, Fir mistletoe
Viscaceae (Mistletoe Family)

Bolle's mistletoe, aka fir mistletoe or dense mistletoe, is a dioecious, yellow-green perennial shrub with oblanceolate, sessile opposite leaves.  The flowers are greenish and inconspicuous, and form on short spikes in the leaf axils from June to August.  It is seen typically on Juniperus and Abies, and is spread as a result of feeding by birds.  Its usual habitat is pinyon-juniper woodlands to about 7000', and its range includes the Peninsular and Transverse Ranges and desert mountains.  It was formerly called Phoradendron bolleanum var. densum and then Phoradendron densum. Now P. densum and P. pauciflorum have been consolidated into P. bolleanum.These pictures were taken at Vasquez Rocks County Park.
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Pronunciation: fore-a-DEN-dron bole-ee-AY-num.
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