Clarkia bottae (Spach) Harlan Lewis & M. Lewis

Onagraceae (Evening PrimroseFamily)

Farewell-to-spring, also known as Botta's clarkia or punchbowl godetia, is an erect, stout and mostly glabrous annual.  It grows 1-3' tall and has linear to lanceolate short-petioled leaves which are alternate and covered with fairly sparse downy hairs.  The flowering buds are nodding, but the flower itself and the seed capsules remain erect. The blooms are on stems in the leaf axils. The sepals are united and deflexed to one side at the time of flowering, and the four fan-shaped petals, pale to pink lavender, are red-flecked and have a white blotch toward the base.  There are four long and four short stamens and a pistil with a four-part stigma that extends beyond the anthers. The outer anthers are lavender-colored and the inner are yellowish.  The seed capsules are ± cylindrical to quadrangular, slightly beaked and indistinctly 4-grooved, and contain brown seeds. This attractive species prefers dryish openings in coastal sage scrub, chaparral and oak woodland below about 3000' in the Peninsular and Transverse Ranges.  It can bloom from April to June.  These pictures were taken in the Santa Monica Mts.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Clarkia 2) bottae.
Pronunciation: KLAR-kee-a BOT-ee.
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