Latin name: Isocoma menziesii (Hook. & Arn.) G.
  Nesom var. sedoides (E. Greene) G. Nesom
  Pronunciation: eye-so-KO-ma MING-is-ee-eye*
  Common name: Prostrate coast goldenbush
  Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower)
  Habitat: Exposed places on beaches, sea-cliffs and
  bluffs, South Coast, northern Channel Islands
  Blooming period: April to November
  Click for Latin name derivations:  1) Isocoma
  2) menziesii 3) sedoides
  *Pronunciation based on original Scottish pronunciation of the name Menzies. If you don't choose to pronounce it this way, it would be MEN-zeez-ee-eye.  
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