Latin name: Gilia scopulorum M.E. Jones
Pronunciation: JEE-lee-a (or GIL-ee-a*) skop-yoo-LORE-um
Common name: Rock gilia
Family: Polemoniaceae (Phlox)
Habitat: Dry washes and slopes to 4000', creosote bush scrub, east Mojave Desert, Chuckwalla Mts to Death Valley, Colorado Desert
Blooming period: April to May
Name derivations: 1) Gilia 2) scopulorum
*When an epithet is derived from a personal name, an attempt should be made to preserve the pronunciation of the original name, which in this case is Gilii. In Italian a ‘g’ before an ‘i’ has a soft rather than a hard sound, and ‘i’ is pronounced as ‘ee’, so Gilia should properly be said as ‘JEE-lee-uh.’ Most people however will continue to say it as GIL-ee-a.