Mimulus cardinalis Benth.

Scarlet Monkeyflower
Phrymaceae (Lopseed Family)


Scarlet monkeyflower is a glandular pubescent perennial herb erect or decumbent that grows to about 3' high from a rhizome.  The leaves are opposite, ovate, palmately 3-5 veined, sharply toothed, and at least the upper ones clasping.  The flowers are red-orange to scarlet with some yellow and are solitary on long stems. The calyx is tubular and hairy, and the corolla is strongly bilabiate with a narrow ridged throat, the upper lip arched forward and the lower one reflexed.  Both stamens and pistils are exserted, the anthers ciliate or fringed with hairs and the stigmas fimbrillate or fringed with very fine hairs.  Scarlet monkeyflower may be found near seasonal water courses or seeps to an elevation of 8000' from coastal sage scrub to montane coniferous forest in most of cismontane and montane California.  It blooms from April to October.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Mimulus 2) cardinalis.
Pronunciation: MIM-yoo-lus kar-din-AY-lis.
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