Latin name: Dichondra occidentalis House
Pronunciation: di-KON-dra ok-si-den-TAY-lis
Common name: Western dichondra, Western pony's foot
Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning glory)
Habitat: Dry sandy banks in brush under trees. coastal sage scrub, chaparral, coastal San Diego and Orange Counties
Blooming period: March to May
Name derivations: 1) Dichondra 2) occidentalis
NOTE: I include here for the first time ever a photograph not taken by me. The picture on the right was taken by my friend and excellent botanist and photographer Keir Morse at Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego County, in April, 2017, and is displayed here because like many people I have never seen this species in bloom. He generously granted permission for its use here, and I thank him for it.