Text and Photographs by Michael L. Charters



It was October 6, 1985, when I first awoke in a sagging cot at the remote research camp of Dr. Birute Galdikas-Bohap, the foremost world authority on wild orangutan behavior, and as I lay listening to the eerily-beautiful sound of agile gibbons calling in the distance, I was overcome by a sense of utter unreality.  I had travelled to Central Indonesian Borneo as part of an Earthwatch team consisting of myself and eight other Americans of greatly varying ages and occupations, and I was now as far from civilization and in as unfamiliar a setting as I had ever been.


This site is currently in the process of being created.  It is my intention that it will be up
and running soon, and will contain pictures and text regarding my three trips to Borneo
and my participation in the Orangutan Project.  If you have arrived at this site and wondered
where the rest of it was, I hope you will forgive the fact that I have been busy with my
botanical websites and will visit again. In the meantime, you can click on the following address
for the Orangutan Foundation International.

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