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Ferns and Fern allies

BLECHNACEAE WOODWARDIA Thomas Jenkinson Woodward, 1745-1820, British phycologist and botanist
DRYOPTERIDACEAE WOODSIA Joseph Woods, 1776-1864, British architect and botanical author
MARSILEACEAE MARSILEA Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, 1658-1730, Italian soldier, botanist, geographer and naturalist


TAXACEAE TORREYA John Torrey, 1796-1873, one of the giants of American botany, professor of chemistry, State Botanist of New York, supervisor of the New York Mint, and co-author with Asa Gray of Flora of North America
TAXODIACEAE SEQUOIA Sequoyah, 1776?-1843, Cherokee chief and creator of the Cherokee alphabet, son of a British merchant and a Cherokee woman


ACANTHACEAE CARLOWRIGHTIA Charles (Carlos) Wright, 1811-1885, American teacher, surveyor, botanical collector and member of the Mexican Boundary Survey
ACANTHACEAE JUSTICIA James Justice, 1698-1763, Scottish botanist and horticulturist
AMARANTHACEAE GUILLEMINEA Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemin, 1796-1842, French botanist and author
AMARANTHACEAE TIDESTROMIA Ivar (Frederick) Tidestrøm, 1864-1956, Swedish-born botanist of sw U.S., author of Flora of Utah and Nevada
APIACEAE BOWLESIA William Bowles, 1705-1780, Irish naturalist, traveller and writer on Spanish natural history
APIACEAE GLEHNIA Peter von Glehn, 1835-1876, Russian botanist and plant explorer in Baltic Russia
APIACEAE HERACLEUM Hercules, presumably from large stature of some ssp.
APIACEAE TAUSCHIA Ignaz Friedrich Tausch, 1793-1848, Czech botanist, director of the garden of the Duke of Canal de Malabaillas in Prague
APIACEAE YABEA Yoshitaka Yabe, 1876-1931, Japanese botanist
APOCYNACEAE AMSONIA Dr. John Amson, 18th century American physician, planter, alderman and Mayor of Williamsburg, Va.
ASCLEPIADACEAE ARAUJIA António de Araújo de Azevedo, 1752-1817, Portuguese botanical collector and government official
ASCLEPIADACEAE ASCLEPIAS Asklepios, Greek god of healing
ASTERACEAE ACHILLEA Achilles of ancient mythology
ASTERACEAE ACOURTIA Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Catherine Gibbes A'Court, 1792-1878, English amateur botanist
ASTERACEAE ARTEMISIA Artemis, goddess of the hunt and noted herbalist
ASTERACEAE BACCHARIS Bacchus, god of wine
ASTERACEAE BAHIA Juan Francisco de Bahí y Fonseca, 1775-1841, Barcelona botany professor, author and physician
ASTERACEAE BAILEYA Jacob Whitman Bailey, 1811-1857, American microscopist and professor of chemistry, minerology and geology at West Point
ASTERACEAE BEBBIA Michael Schuck Bebb, 1833-1895, American botanist, distinguished specialist on willows
ASTERACEAE BRICKELLIA Dr. John Brickell, 1749-1809, Irish-born naturalist and physician of Georgia
ASTERACEAE CARLQUISTIA Sherwin Carlquist, 1930- , American botanist specializing in plant anatomy and island biology, professor at Pomona College and Claremont Graduate School, author of 7 books
ASTERACEAE CONSTANCEA Lincoln Constance, 1909-2001, patriarch of botany and Director of the Herbarium at Berkeley, President of the California Academy of Sciences, authority on the Umbelliferae
ASTERACEAE DELAIREA Eugene Delaire, 1810-1856, head gardener at the botanical gardens in Orleans
ASTERACEAE DITTRICHIA Manfred Dittrich, 1934- , German botanist, specialist in Asteraceae at the Herbarium of the Geneva, Switzerland, Conservatory and Botanical Garden
ASTERACEAE DUGALDIA Dugald Stewart, 1753-1828, Scottish professor of mathematics and moral philosophy
ASTERACEAE EASTWOODIA Alice Eastwood, 1859-1953, western American botanist, botanical curator for the California Academy of Sciences
ASTERACEAE EATONELLA Daniel Cady Eaton, 1834-1895, one of the first professors of botany in the United States and Curator of the Yale Herbarium for 31 years, produced Ferns of North America
ASTERACEAE ENCELIA Christoph Entzelt, 1517-1583, an early Lutheran clergyman, wrote about minerology, metallurgy and the medicinal uses of plants
ASTERACEAE GAILLARDIA Gaillard de Charentonneau, 18th century French magistrate and amateur botanist
ASTERACEAE GALINSOGA Mariano Martinez de Galinsoga, 1766-1797, Spanish court physician and Director of the
Madrid Botanical Garden
ASTERACEAE GAZANIA Theodorus of Gaza, 1398-1478, Greek-born Italian scholar and translator of the works of Theophrastus
ASTERACEAE GRINDELIA David Hieronymus Grindel, 1776-1836, German pharmacologist, physician and professor of botany at Riga, Estonia
ASTERACEAE GUIZOTIA Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot, 1787-1874, French statesman and historian
ASTERACEAE GUTIERREZIA Pedro Gutierrez, 19th century Spanish nobleman and botanist at the Madrid Botanical
ASTERACEAE HARMONIA Harvey Monroe Hall, 1874-1932, professor of botany and herbarium curator at the University of California, authority on the Asteraceae of Southern California, and a pioneer in experimental taxonomy
ASTERACEAE HAZARDIA Barclay Hazard, 1852-1938, amateur California botanist from Santa Barbara
ASTERACEAE HULSEA Gilbert White Hulse, 1807-1883, U.S. Army surgeon, botanist
ASTERACEAE JAUMEA Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire, 1772-1845, eminent French botanist and prolific author on botanical subjects
ASTERACEAE JENSIA Jens Christian Clausen, 1891-1969, Danish botanist, ecologist and geneticist who continued the work of Harvey Monroe Hall, professor of biology at Stanford
ASTERACEAE KYHOSIA Donald William Kyhos, 1929- , of the Department of Botany at Berkeley and Professor Emeritus at UC Davis
ASTERACEAE LAENNECIA French physician René Théophile Hyacinthe Laennec, 1781-1826, professor of clinical medicine and inventor in 1816 of the stethoscope, considered the father of the study of pulmonary diseases
ASTERACEAE LASTHENIA Lasthenia, 4th century B.C. Athenian girl who dressed as a boy in order to attend Plato's classes
ASTERACEAE LAYIA George Tradescant Lay, 1800?-1845, English plant collector, naturalist on Beechey's 1825-1828 voyage of exploration, botanical explorer in California
ASTERACEAE LEMBERTIA John Baptist Lemberte, 1840-1896, California plant and butterfly collector, lived as a hermit in Tuolomne Meadows, apparently murdered in Yosemite
ASTERACEAE LESSINGIA Christian Friedrich Lessing, 1809-1862, German specialist in Asteraceae, Carl Friedrich Lessing, 1808-1880, painter, and their uncle Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1729-1781, writer
ASTERACEAE LORANDERSONIA Loran Crittenden Anderson, 1936- , fervent American enthusiast of Asteraceae
ASTERACEAE MALPERIA Anagram formed from name of collector of type material, Edward Palmer, 1829/1830?-1911
ASTERACEAE MUNZOTHAMNUS Philip Alexander Munz, 1892-1974, California botanist at Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, professor of botany at Pomona College, and author of A Flora of Southern California
ASTERACEAE NICOLLETIA Joseph Nicholas Nicollet, 1786-1843, French geologist, astronomer and explorer
ASTERACEAE PACKERA John G. Packer, 1929- , Canadian botanist, specialist on the flora of Alberta and on Arctic and alpine flora, professor at the University of Alberta
ASTERACEAE PALAFOXIA José Rebolledo de Palafox y Melci, 1776?-1847, Spanish general and government official, Viceroy of New Spain, Archbishop of Mexico, or Juan de Palafox y Mendoza (1600-1659), bishop and founder of the University of Mexico
ASTERACEAE PLUCHEA Noël-Antoine Pluche, 1688-1761, French naturalist, professor, author of Spectacle of Nature and other works
ASTERACEAE RAFINESQUIA Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 1783-1840, eccentric U.S. naturalist, plant collector, traveller and prolific writer
ASTERACEAE RAILLARDELLA Laurent Railliard, born in 1792 in Dax, France, a midshipman then ensign on the scientific circumnavigation voyage of Louis de Freycinet 1817-1820
ASTERACEAE RUDBECKIA Olaus Johannis Rudbeck, 1630-1702, and his son Olaus Olai Rudbeck, 1660-1740, professors of botany at Uppsala, Sweden
ASTERACEAE SANVITALIA Federico Sanvitali, 1704-1761, Italian naturalist and a professor at Brescia
ASTERACEAE SAUSSUREA Horace Bénédict de Saussure, 1740-1799, and Nicolas Théodore de Saussure, 1767-
1845, Swiss naturalists
ASTERACEAE SCHKUHRIA Christian Schkuhr, 1741-1811, German botanist, trained gardener, author of the Handbook of Botany
ASTERACEAE SOLIVA Dr. Salvador Soliva, 18th century Spanish botanist and physician to the Spanish court
ASTERACEAE STEBBINSOSERIS George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr., 1906-2000, American geneticist and plant biologist
ASTERACEAE TOWNSENDIA David Townsend, 1787-1858, amateur botanist of Pennsylvania
ASTERACEAE TRACYINA Joseph Prince Tracy, 1879-1953, nw California botanist
ASTERACEAE VENEGASIA Miguel Venegas, 1680-1764, Mexican writer, Jesuit scholar and missionary to CA
ASTERACEAE VIGUIERA Louis Guillaume Alexandre Viguier, 1790-1867, French physician and botanist
ASTERACEAE WHITNEYA Josiah Dwight Whitney, 1819-1896, state geologist of California from 1860 to 1876, who made the first geologic study of Yosemite Valley
ASTERACEAE WYETHIA Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth, 1802-1856, U.S. explorer and plant collector
BERBERIDACEAE ACHLYS Achlys, in mythology either the Goddess of hidden places or obscurity, or the eternal Night, and the first created being which existed even before Chaos
BERBERIDACEAE VANCOUVERIA Captain George Vancouver, 1757?-1798, British explorer, sailed with Captain Cook, circumnavigated the world and mapped the west coast of North America
BORAGINACEAE AMSINCKIA Wilhelm Amsinck, 1752-1831, German botanist and patron of Hamburg Botanic
BORAGINACEAE HACKELIA Josef Hackel, 1783-1869, Czech botanist
BORAGINACEAE MERTENSIA Franz Karl Mertens, 1764-1831, German botanist and plant collector
BORAGINACEAE WIGANDIA Johann Wigand, 1523-1587, a Prussian writer on plants, professor of theology and Bishop of Pomerania
BRASSICACEAE ANELSONIA Aven Nelson, 1859-1952, Rocky Mountain botanist
BRASSICACEAE AUBRIETA Claude Aubriet, 1651-1743, French painter of flowers and animals
BRASSICACEAE BARBAREA Saint Barbara, martyred in the 3rd century A.D.
BRASSICACEAE BOECHERA Tyge Wittrock Boecher, 1909-1983, Danish authority on Arctic vegetation and the flora of Greenland
BRASSICACEAE COINCYA Auguste Henri Cornut de la Fontaine de Coincy, 1837-1903, French botanist, specialist in the flora of Spain
BRASSICACEAE CONRINGIA Hermann Conring, 1606-1681, German academician, scholar, physician and professor
at the University of Helmstedt
BRASSICACEAE CUSICKIELLA William Conklin Cusick, 1842-1922, teacher, rancher and plant collector in Oregon
BRASSICACEAE DESCURAINIA François Descourain, 1658-1740, French pharmacist and botanist
BRASSICACEAE GUILLENIA Father Clemente Guillen de Castro, 1677-1748, Mexican Jesuit missionary
BRASSICACEAE HIRSCHFELDIA Christian Caius Lorenz Hirschfeld, 1742-1792, German horticulturist
BRASSICACEAE HUTCHINSIA Ellen Hutchins, 1785-1815, Irish botanist, authority on cryptogams and seashore plants, talented botanical artist who died young
BRASSICACEAE LESQUERELLA Charles Leo Lesquereaux, 1805-1889, Swiss-born American botanist who assisted Louis Agassiz, authority on carboniferous plants, bryology and paleobotany
BRASSICACEAE MALCOLMIA William Malcolm, d. 1798, London nurseryman, and his son (or nephew) William Malcolm, 1768/1769-1835
BRASSICACEAE MATTHIOLA Pietro (Pier) Andrea Gregorio Mattioli, 1500?-1577, Italian physician, naturalist
BRASSICACEAE NOCCAEA Domenico Nocca, 1758-1841, Italian clergyman and professor of botany at the University of Pavia
BRASSICACEAE SMELOWSKIA Timofei Andreevich Smielowski, 1769-1815, Russian pharmacist and botanist
BRASSICACEAE STANLEYA Edward Smith Stanley, 1773-1849, English ornithologist
BRASSICACEAE TEESDALIA Robert Teesdale, 1740-1804, an English botanist and horticulturist
BRASSICACEAE TWISSELMANNIA Ernest Christian Twisselmann, 1917-1972, cattle rancher, authority on southern San Joaquin Valley flora, and author of The Flora of Kern County
BUDDLEJACEAE BUDDLEJA Rev. Adam Buddle, 1660(1662?)-1715, English botanist
BURSERACEAE BURSERA Joachim Burser, 1583-1649, German botanist, medical doctor and professor of medicine, author of the 25-volume Hortus Siccus which was used by Linnaeus in the preparation of his Species Plantarum
CABOMBACEAE BRASENIA Christoph Brasen, 1738-1774, Danish surgeon and plant collector, leader of the 1771 missionary expedition that established the Moravian mission of Nain on the coast of Labrador
CACTACEAE BERGEROCACTUS Alwin Berger, 1871-1931, German botanist and succulent specialist
CACTACEAE CARNEGIEA Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919, American industrialist and philanthropist
CACTACEAE ESCOBARIA Numa Pompilio Escobar Zerman, 1874-1949, and Romulo Escobar Zerman, 1882-1946, Mexican plant collectors
CACTACEAE GRUSONIA Hermann August Jacques Gruson, 1821-1895, German privy councillor who had a particular interest in the Cactaceae
CAMPANULACEAE DOWNINGIA Andrew Jackson Downing, 1815-1852, American horticulturist and landscape gardener
CAMPANULACEAE HOWELLIA Thomas Jefferson Howell, 1842-1912, a collector of the flora of Oregon and Washington
CAMPANULACEAE LEGENERE Anagram of E.L. Greene, 1843-1915, American botanist
CAMPANULACEAE LOBELIA Matthias de l'Obel, 1538-1616, Flemish botanist, pharmacologist and physician
CAMPANULACEAE PARISHELLA Samuel Bonsall Parish, 1838-1928, and William Fletcher Parish, 1840-1918, American botanical collectors
CAMPANULACEAE PORTERELLA Thomas Conrad Porter, 1822-1901, American botanist, plant collector, professor, author and pastor
CAPPARACEAE WISLIZENIA Frederick Adolf Wislizenus, 1810-1889, Army surgeon, explorer, botanist and plant collector of German birth
CAPRIFOLIACEAE LINNAEA Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778, the great Swedish taxonomist
CAPRIFOLIACEAE LONICERA Adam Lonitzer, 1528-1586, German herbalist, physician and botanist
CARYOPHYLLACEAE LOEFLINGIA Pehr (Peter) Löfling (Loefling), 1729-1756, Swedish botanist and explorer
CARYOPHYLLACEAE MINUARTIA Joán (Juan) Minuart, 1693-1768, Spanish botanist and pharmacist
CARYOPHYLLACEAE MOEHRINGIA Paul Heinrich Gerhard Moehring, 1710-1791, German physician and ornithologist
CARYOPHYLLACEAE MOENCHIA Conrad Moench, 1744-1805, German botanist, chemist and pharmacist
CARYOPHYLLACEAE SILENE Silenus, mythological foster-father of Bacchus
CARYOPHYLLACEAE VELEZIA Cristóbal Velez, c. 1710-1753, friend of botanist Pehr Loefling
CELASTRACEAE MORTONIA Samuel George Morton, 1799-1851, American botanist and physician
CHENOPODIACEAE ALLENROLFEA Robert Allen Rolfe, 1855-1921, English botanist, and the first taxonomist of orchids for the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
CHENOPODIACEAE BASSIA Ferdinando Bassi, 1710-1774, Italian botanist and Prefect of the Bologna Botanical Garden
CHENOPODIACEAE GRAYIA Asa Gray, 1810-1888, eminent American botanist, Harvard University
CHENOPODIACEAE KOCHIA Wilhelm Daniel Josef Koch, 1771-1849, German physician and botanist
CHENOPODIACEAE KRASCHENINNIKOVIA Stepan Petrovich Krascheninnikov, 1713-1755, Russian botanist and Professor of Natural History
CRASSULACEAE DUDLEYA William Russel Dudley, 1849-1911, first professor of botany and head of the Botany Department at Stanford University
CUCURBITACEAE BRANDEGEA Townsend Stith Brandegee, 1843-1925, CA botanist and engineer
ELAEAGNACEAE SHEPHERDIA John Shepherd, 1764-1836, curator of the Liverpool Botanic Gardens
ELATINACEAE BERGIA Peter Jonas Bergius, 1730-1790, Swedish botanist and student of Linnaeus
ERICACEAE CASSIOPE Cassiope, in Greek mythology the mother of Andromeda, hence the use of the name for a genus related to the genus Andromeda
ERICACEAE GAULTHERIA Jean François Gaulthier, 1708-1756, French-Canadian botanist, physician
ERICACEAE KALMIA Pehr (Peter) Kalm, 1716-1779, Swedish botanist, student of Linnaeus, and traveller in eastern N. Am.
ERICACEAE LEUCOTHOE Leucothoe, in ythology a princess of Babylon, daughter of King Orchamus and one of the many loves of the god Apollo
ERICACEAE MENZIESIA Archibald Menzies, 1754-1842, Scottish botanist and surgeon, naturalist on Vancouver expedition
ERICACEAE PHYLLODOCE Phyllodoce, a mythological sea nymph mentioned by the Roman writer Virgil
EUPHORBIACEAE BERNARDIA Bernard de Jussieu, 1699-1776, French taxonomist
EUPHORBIACEAE EUPHORBIA Euphorbus, Greek physician of Juba II, King of Mauretania, 1st century
EUPHORBIACEAE MERCURIALIS Mercury, the Roman messenger god, called Hermes by the Greeks
EUPHORBIACEAE STILLINGIA Dr. Benjamin Stillingfleet, 1702-1771, British botanist
FABACEAE ALBIZIA Filippo del Albizzi, 18th century Florentine nobleman
FABACEAE BAUHINIA Caspar (Gaspard) Bauhin, 1560-1624, botanist and physician, professor of anatomy and botany at Basel University, and Johann (Jean) Bauhin, 1541-1613, co-author of the great work Historia Plantarum universalis
FABACEAE CAESALPINIA Andrea Cesalpino, 1519-1603, Italian botanist and physician
FABACEAE DALEA Samuel Dale, 1659-1739, English physician, botanist and gardener
FABACEAE GLEDITSIA Johann Gottlieb Gleditsch, 1714-1786, German botanist
FABACEAE HOFFMANNSEGGIA Johann Centurius, Count Von Hoffmansegg, 1766-1849, German botanist, entomologist and ornithologist
FABACEAE MARINA Marina, 1505-1530, interpreter for Mexican conqueror Cortez
FABACEAE OLNEYA Stephen Thayer Olney, 1812-1878, American botanist of Rhode Island, particularly interested in alga and the genus Carex
FABACEAE PARKINSONIA John Parkinson, 1567-1650, apothecary of London, author and king's herbalist to James I
FABACEAE PETERIA Robert Peter, 1805-1894, Kentucky botanist and chemist, professor of chemistry and pharmacy, published numerous articles on the geology of Kentucky and Arkansas
FABACEAE PICKERINGIA Charles Pickering, 1805-1878, American naturalist, botanist, zoologist, anthropologist, traveller and physician
FABACEAE ROBINIA Jean Robin, 1550-1629, and Vespasian Robin, 1579-1662, French royal gardeners who introduced plants to Europe
FABACEAE RUPERTIA Rupert Charles Barneby, 1911-2000, American botanist, plant explorer and prolific author
FOUQUIERIACEAE FOUQUIERIA Pierre Éloi Fouquier, 1776-1850, French physician, professor of medicine and naturalist
FRANKENIACEAE FRANKENIA Johan Frankenius, 1590-1661, sometimes written as Franke or Franckenius or Franck, professor of anatomy, medicine and botany at Uppsala, Sweden
GARRYACEAE GARRYA Nicholas Garry, 1782-1856, of the Hudson's Bay Company, assisted David Douglas in his explorations of the Pacific Northwest
GENTIANACEAE GENTIANA Gentius, King of ancient Illyria, who found the roots of the herb yellow gentian to have a healing effect on his malaria-stricken troops, 2nd century B.C.
GENTIANACEAE SWERTIA Emanuel Sweert, 1552-1612, Dutch florist, botanist, artist and author
GENTIANACEAE ZELTNERA Louis Zeltner, 1938- , and Nicole Zeltner, 1934- , Swiss botanists and biosystematists
GUNNERACEAE GUNNERA Johan Ernst Gunnerus, 1718-1773, Norwegian botanist and bishop
HYDROPHYLLACEAE DRAPERIA John William Draper, 1811-1882, American historian and scientist, professor of chemistry at New York University
HYDROPHYLLACEAE ROMANZOFFIA Count Nikolai Petrovich Romanzoff, 1754-1826, promoter of Russian expedition to CA in 1816
KOEBERLINIACEAE KOEBERLINIA Christoph Ludwig Koeberlin, 1794-1862, German clergyman and botanist
KRAMERIACEAE KRAMERIA Johann Georg Heinrich Kramer, 1684-1744, Austrian Army physician and botanist, or his son William Heinrich Kramer (?-1765), physician, naturalist and entomologist who was one of the first to adopt the binomial nomenclature of Carl von Linné, or for both
LAMIACEAE LEPECHINIA Ivan Ivanovich Lepechin, 1737-1802, a Russian botanist and traveller
LAMIACEAE MENTHA Mentha, in mythology an unfortunate Greek nymph who got herself turned into a mint plant
LAMIACEAE MONARDA Nicholas Bautista Monardes, 1493-1588, a Spanish physician and botanist
LAMIACEAE SALAZARIA Don Jose Salazar Yllaregui, 1823-1892, Mexican astronomer on the US Mexico Boundary Survey
LAMIACEAE TEUCRIUM possibly for Teucer, a king of Troy
LIMNANTHACEAE FLOERKEA Heinrich Gustav Floerke, 1764-1835, German lichenologist, professor of botany and author
LOASACEAE MENTZELIA Christian Mentzel or Christianus Mentzelius, 1622-1701, German botanist, philologist, botanical author, personal physician to the Elector of Brandenburg, and father of the first King of Prussia.
LYTHRACEAE AMMANNIA Paul Ammann, 1634-1691, German botanist and professor at Leipzig
MALVACEAE HERISSANTIA Louis Antoine Prosper Hérissant, 1745-1769, French physician, naturalist and poet
MALVACEAE HORSFORDIA Frederick Hinsdale Horsford, 1855-1923, New England botanist and collector
MALVACEAE LAVATERA Johann Heinrich Lavater, 1611-1691, and his brother Johann Jacob?, 1594-1636, Swiss physicians and naturalists
MORACEAE MACLURA William Maclure, 1763-1840, Scottish-born American geologist, traveller and merchant
NYCTAGINACEAE ALLIONIA Carlo Ludovico Allioni, 1725/1728-1804, Italian professor of botany at Turin, naturalist, physician, author and friend of Linnaeus
NYCTAGINACEAE BOERHAVIA Hermann Boerhaave, 1668-1738, Dutch botanist and chemist with degrees in philosophy and medicine, considered the leading medical teacher of the early 18th century
OLEACEAE FORESTIERA André Robert Forestier, a doctor of medicine and physician of the town hospice, and a native of Paris, died Oct. 6, 1812 in Saint-Quentin at the age of 76
ONAGRACEAE CAMISSONIA Ludolf Karl Adelbert von Chamisso, 1781-1838, French-born German botanist, plant collector, traveller and explorer
ONAGRACEAE CIRCAEA Circe, enchantress of Greek mythology
ONAGRACEAE CLARKIA Captain William Clark, 1770-1838, of the Lewis and Clark expedition
ONAGRACEAE FUCHSIA Leonard Fuchs, 1501-1566, German physician and herbalist, and the first modern maker of Latin-form plant names
ONAGRACEAE GAYOPHYTUM Claude Gay, 1800-1873, French botanist, naturalist and author of Flora of Chile
ONAGRACEAE LUDWIGIA Christian Gottlieb Ludwig, 1709-1773, German botanist, plant collector and a professor of medicine in Leipzig
OROBANCHACEAE BOSCHNIAKIA Alexander Karlovich Boschniak, 1786-1831, Russian botanist
PAEONIACEAE PAEONIA Paeon, the physician of the gods in Homer's Iliad who used the plant to heal the wound that Hercules inflicted on Pluto
PAPAVERACEAE CANBYA William Marriott Canby, 1831-1904, Delaware businessman, philanthropist and avid botanist
PAPAVERACEAE EHRENDORFERIA Friedrich Ehrendorfer, 1927- , Austrian botanist and professor in the Department of Higher Plant Systematics and Evolution at the University of Vienna
PAPAVERACEAE ESCHSCHOLZIA Dr. Johann Friedrich Gustav von Eschscholtz, 1793-1831, Estonian surgeon and botanist
PAPAVERACEAE ROMNEYA Dr. Thomas Romney Robinson, 1792-1882, prominent Irish astronomer, best known as the inventor of the cup-anemometer for registering the velocity of the wind
PHILADELPHACEAE CARPENTERIA William Marbury Carpenter, 1811-1848, Louisiana physician and botanist
PHILADELPHACEAE FENDLERELLA August Fendler, 1813-1883, German plant collector in North and Central America
PHILADELPHACEAE JAMESIA Edwin P. James, 1797-1861, American naturalist and botanical  explorer in the Rocky Mountains
PHILADELPHACEAE PHILADELPHUS Ptolemy Philadelphus, 309-247 B.C., Greek King of Egypt
PHILADELPHACEAE WHIPPLEA Lt. Amiel Weeks Whipple, c.1816-1863, topographical engineer/surveyor who commanded the Pacific Railroad Survey in 1853
PITTOSPORACEAE SOLLYA Richard Horsman Solly, 1778-1858, English botanist, plant physiologist and anatomist
POLEMONIACEAE ALICIELLA Alice Eastwood, 1859-1953, western American botanist, botanical curator for the California Academy of Sciences
POLEMONIACEAE GILIA Filippo Luigi Gilii, 1756-1821, Italian naturalist, clergyman, and Director of the Vatican Observatory
POLEMONIACEAE LANGLOISIA Reverand Father Auguste Barthélémy Langlois, 1832-1990, Louisiana priest and botanist
POLEMONIACEAE LOESELIASTRUM Johannes Loeselius, 1607-1655, German botanist and physician, professor of medicine in Königsberg
POLEMONIACEAE NAVARRETIA Francisco Fernandez de Navarrete, ?-1742, 18th century Spanish philospher, anatomist, naturalist and physician
POLYGONACEAE DEDECKERA Mary Caroline Foster DeDecker, 1909-2000, lifelong California botanist and collector, and specialist on the flora of the Northern Mojave Desert
POLYGONACEAE FALLOPIA Gabriele Fallopio (Falloppio), c.1523-1562, Italian anatomist
POLYGONACEAE GILMANIA Marshall French Gilman, 1871-1944, Death Valley naturalist
POLYGONACEAE GOODMANIA George Jones Goodman, 1904-1999, Oklahoma botanist
POLYGONACEAE HOLLISTERIA (Col.) William Welles Hollister, 1818-1886, California rancher and entrepreneur
POLYGONACEAE JOHANNESHOWELLIA John Thomas Howell, 1903-1994, California botanist, assistant to Alice Eastwood and her successor as Curator of Botany of the California Academy of Sciences
POLYGONACEAE LASTARRIAEA José Victorino Lastarria Santander, 1817-1888, Chilean teacher, lawyer and founder of the Liberal Party in Chile
POLYGONACEAE MUEHLENBECKIA Heinrich Gustav Muehlenbeck, 1798-1845, Alsatian physician who studied the flora of Alsace
PORTULACACEAE CALANDRINIA Jean Louis Calandrini, 1703-1758, professor of mathematics and philosophy, and a botanical author in Switzerland
PORTULACACEAE CLAYTONIA John Clayton, 1694-1773, colonial American botanist and plant collector
PORTULACACEAE LEWISIA Captain Meriwether Lewis, 1774-1809, of the Lewis and Clark expedition
PORTULACACEAE MONTIA Giuseppe Monti, 1682-1760, professor of botany at Bologna, Italy
PROTEACEAE GREVILLEA Charles Francis Greville, 1749-1809, English horticulturist, one of the founders of what is now the Royal Horticultural Society
RANUNCULACEAE ADONIS Adonis of Greek mythology, god of plants, from whose blood the plant allegedly grew
RANUNCULACEAE KUMLIENIA Thure Ludwig Theodor Kumlien, 1819-1880, Swedish naturalist and ornithologist, mentor of E.L. Greene
RANUNCULACEAE TRAUTVETTERIA Ernst Rudolf von Trautvetter, 1809-1889, Russian botanist who specialized in the flora of the Caucasus and central Asia
RHAMNACEAE ADOLPHIA Adolphe Theodore Brongniart, 1801-1876, French student of the Rhamnaceae, pioneer in the study of plant morphology, physiology, and paleobotany, author of an important work on fossil plants
RHAMNACEAE CONDALIA Antonio Condal, 18th century Spanish physician and botanist
ROSACEAE DUCHESNEA Antoine Nicolas Duchesne, 1747-1827, French botanist and horticulturist
ROSACEAE FALLUGIA Abbot Virgilio Fallugi of Vallombrosa, c.1627-1707, Italian botanist
ROSACEAE HORKELIA Johann Horkel, 1769-1846, German plant physiologist and physician
ROSACEAE IVESIA Eli Ives, 1779-1861, Yale University pharmacologist and professor of botany and medicine
ROSACEAE LUETKEA Count Fedor Petrovitch Lütke, 1797-1882, Russian naval officer and explorer, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
ROSACEAE LYONOTHAMNUS William Scrugham Lyon, 1851-1916, early resident of Los Angeles and California's first State Forester, successful attorney, farmer and plant collector
ROSACEAE NEVIUSIA Reverend Reuben Denton Nevius, 1827-1913, preacher, teacher and avid botanist
ROSACEAE OEMLERIA Augustus Gottlieb Oemler, 1773-1852, German naturalist at Savannah, Georgia
ROSACEAE PURSHIA Frederick Traugott Pursh, 1774-1820, Saxon explorer, plant collector, horticulturist and author
ROSACEAE SIBBALDIA Sir Robert Sibbald, 1641-1722, Scottish physician and naturalist
RUBIACEAE KELLOGGIA Dr. Albert Kellogg, 1813-1887, American physician, pioneer California botanist and one of 7 founders of the California Academy of Sciences
RUBIACEAE SHERARDIA Dr. William Sherard, 1659-1728, patron of Dillenius and friend of John Ray, botanist and plant collector
SALVINIACEAE SALVINIA Antonio Maria Salvini, 1633-1729, Italian academic and professor of the Greek language at Florence who helped his friend the Italian botanist Pier' Antonio Micheli with his botanical studies
SAPINDACEAE KOELREUTERIA Joseph Gottlieb Kölreuter, 1733-1806, German botanist, physician, professor of natural history, Director of the Botanical Garden at Karlsruhe
SARRACENIACEAE DARLINGTONIA William Darlington, 1782-1863, American botanist, physician, author, banker and member of Congress
SARRACENIACEAE SARRACENIA Michel Sarrasin (Sarracenus), 1659-1734, physician, naturalist and plant collector in Quebec
SAXIFRAGACEAE BENSONIELLA Gilbert Thereon Benson, 1896-1928, California botanist and librarian of the Dudley Herbarium at Stanford University
SAXIFRAGACEAE BOLANDRA Henry Nicholson Bolander, 1831-1897, collector of plants in Yosemite National Park and California State Botanist in 1864
SAXIFRAGACEAE BOYKINIA Dr. Samuel Boykin, 1786-1848, eminent field botanist born in South Carolina who did the majority of his collecting in Georgia
SAXIFRAGACEAE DARMERA Karl Darmer, 1843-1918, German horticulturist in Berlin
SAXIFRAGACEAE HEUCHERA Johann Heinrich von Heucher, 1677-1747, professor of medicine and botanist at Wittenberg, Germany
SAXIFRAGACEAE JEPSONIA Willis Linn Jepson, 1867-1946, major California botanist and the first person to receive a doctorate in botany from the University of California
SAXIFRAGACEAE SUKSDORFIA Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf, 1850-1932, German-born Washington state botanist and plant collector
SAXIFRAGACEAE TOLMIEA William Fraser Tolmie, 1812-1886, Scottish physician with the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Vancouver and elsewhere, first white man to reach summit of Mt. Rainier, father of future premier of British Columbia
SCROPHULARIACEAE BELLARDIA Carlo Antonio Lodovico Bellardi, 1741-1826, professor of botany at Turin, Italy
SCROPHULARIACEAE CASTILLEJA Domingo Castillejo, 1744-1793, Spanish botanist and instructor of botany at Cadiz, Spain
SCROPHULARIACEAE COLLINSIA Zaccheus Collins, 1764-1831, a minerologist and botanist, vice-president of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
SCROPHULARIACEAE GALVEZIA José Gálvez, 1720-1787, considered Spain's greatest colonial administrator for his work in Mexico
SCROPHULARIACEAE HEBE Hebe, in mythology the Goddess of Youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera, sister of Ares and wife of Hercules after he became a god
SCROPHULARIACEAE HOLMGRENANTHE Arthur Herman Holmgren, 1912-1992, prof. At Utah State University in Logan, expert on grasses, co-author of the Intermountain Flora, Noel Herman Holmgren, 1937- , plant collector, and Patricia Kern Holmgren, 1940- , Herbarium Director at the New York Botanical Garden
SCROPHULARIACEAE KECKIELLA David Daniels Keck, 1903-1995, American botanist known for his work on experimental taxonomy
SCROPHULARIACEAE KICKXIA Jean Kickx (Sr.), 1775-1831, Belgian professor of botany, pharmacy and minerology at a medical school in Brussels, and/or his son Jean Kickx (Jr.), 1803-1864, professor of botany and malacology
SCROPHULARIACEAE LINDERNIA Franz Balthazar von Lindern, 1682-1755, German botanist
SCROPHULARIACEAE MAURANDYA Dr. Catalina Pancratia Maurandy, late 18th-century botany professor at Cartagena, Spain
SCROPHULARIACEAE PARENTUCELLIA Tomaso Parentucelli, 1397-1455, early Renaissance librarian to Cosimo de' Medici in Florence, rose to become Bishop of Bologna, then Pope Nicholas V, called the Humanist Pope, best known for establishing the Vatican library and gardens
SCROPHULARIACEAE VERONICA named for Saint Veronica, the woman who gave Jesus a cloth to wipe his face while on the way to Calvary
SIMAROUBACEAE CASTELA René Richard Louis Castel, 1759-1832, French botanist, poet and editor, opera librettist
SIMMONDSIACEAE SIMMONDSIA Thomas William Simmonds, 1767-1804, English botanist and physician who died exploring Trinidad
SOLANACEAE CALIBRACHOA Antonio de la Cal y Bracho, 1766-1833, Mexican botanist and pharmacologist
SOLANACEAE NICANDRA Nicander, poet of Colophon, Asia Minor, who wrote on the subject of plants around 100 B.C.
SOLANACEAE NICOTIANA Jean Nicot, 1530-1600, French ambassador to Portugal and the person supposedly responsible for introducing tobacco into France
STERCULIACEAE AYENIA Louis de Noailles, 1713-1793, Duc d'Ayen (1713-1766) and 4th duc de Noailles (1766-1793), Marshall of France, escaped the guillotine by dying in August, 1793, before the Terror reached its height
STERCULIACEAE FREMONTODENDRON John Charles Frémont, 1813-1890, Army officer, cartographer, surveyor, explorer, plant collector and presidential candidate
URTICACEAE BOEHMERIA Georg(e) Rudolf Boehmer, 1723-1803, professor of botany and anatomy at the University of Wittenberg
URTICACEAE SOLEIROLIA Joseph François Soleirol, 1781-1863, who made vast collections of Corsican plants in the first half of the 19th century
VERBENACEAE ALOYSIA Maria Louisa Teresa, 1751-1819, Princess of Parma and wife of King Carlos IV of Spain
VERBENACEAE AVICENNIA Avicenna (Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn 'Abd Allah Ibn Sina), 980-1037, Persian scientist and philosopher, considered one of the greatest of the medieval Islamic physicians
ZYGOPHYLLACEAE FAGONIA Guy-Crescent Fagon, 1638-1718, French chemist, professor of botany, Director of the Paris Jardin du Roi, and chief physician to Louis XIV
ZYGOPHYLLACEAE KALLSTROEMIA Anders Kallström, 1733-1812, an obscure contemporary of Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, the author of the genus
ZYGOPHYLLACEAE LARREA Bishop Juan Antonio Hernández Perez de Larrea, 1731-1803, Spanish clergyman at Valladolid and patron of the sciences


ARACEAE LANDOLTIA Elias Landolt, 1926- , of the Swiss Geobotanical Institute at Zurich, expert on the Lemnaceae
ARACEAE PINELLIA Giovanni Vincenzo Pinelli, 1535-1601, Italian botanist, founder of the botanic garden in Naples, collector of manuscripts and scientific instruments
ARACEAE ZANTEDESCHIA Dr. Giovanni Zantedeschi, 1773-1846, Italian physician and botanist from Verona, or (less likely) Francesco Zantedeschi, 1798-1873, professor of physics at Padua
ARECACEAE WASHINGTONIA George Washington, 1732-1799, 1st President of the U.S.
COMMELINACEAE COMMELINA Jan Commelijn, 1629-1692, physician and director of botany at the Hortus Medicus (Medical Garden) in Amsterdam, and his nephew Caspar Commelijn, 1667-1731, botanist
COMMELINACEAE TRADESCANTIA John Tradescant, 1608-1662, gardener to King Charles I of England
CYPERACEAE KOBRESIA Joseph Paul von Kobres (Cobres), 1747-1823, Austrian botanist and plant collector, geologist, minerologist and banker
CYPERACEAE KYLLINGA Peder Lauridsen Kylling, 1640-1696, Danish botanist
IRIDACEAE FREESIA Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, 1795?-1876, German physician and botanist who studied South African plants
IRIDACEAE LIBERTIA Marie-Anne Libert, 1782-1865, Belgian botanist and lichenologist
IRIDACEAE MORAEA Robert More, 1703-1780, British amateur botanist and natural historian, traveller, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and friend of Linnaeus, and/or Dr. Johan Moraeus, father-in-law of Linnaeus
IRIDACEAE ROMULEA Romulus, legendary founder of Rome
IRIDACEAE WATSONIA Sir William Watson, 1715-1787, English botanist and physician
JUNCAGINACEAE LILAEA Alire Raffeneau-Delile, 1778-1850, French botanist and physician, accompanied Napoleon to Egypt
LEMNACEAE WOLFFIA Johann Friedric Wolff, 1778-1806, German botanist, physician and author
LILIACEAE BLOOMERIA Dr. Hiram Green Bloomer, 1819-1874, early San Francisco botanist and one of the founders of the California Academy of Sciences
LILIACEAE BRODIAEA James Brodie, 1744-1824, Scottish botanist who specialized in algae, ferns and mosses
LILIACEAE CLINTONIA De Witt Clinton, 1769-1828, naturalist and governor of New York
LILIACEAE HASTINGSIA Serranus Clinton Hastings, 1814-1893, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California
LILIACEAE KNIPHOFIA Johann Hieronymus Kniphof, 1704-1763, German botanist, professor of medicine and author of a work of botanical illustrations
LILIACEAE NARCISSUS Narcissus, handsome son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope
LILIACEAE NOLINA Abbé Pierre Charles Nolin, 1717- ?, French arboriculturist, director of the royal nurseries, and agricultural writer
LILIACEAE TOFIELDIA Thomas Tofield, 1730-1799, British botanist, plant collector and civil engineer
ORCHIDACEAE GOODYERA John Goodyer, 1592-1664, English botanist who produced the first translation in English of the Materia Medica of Dioscorides
ORCHIDACEAE LISTERA Martin Lister, 1638/1639-1711, English naturalist, physician, conchologist and author
ORCHIDACEAE PIPERIA Charles Vancouver Piper, 1867-1926, agronomist with the US Department of Agriculture and an expert on Pacific Northwest flora
POACEAE BECKMANNIA Johann Beckmann, 1739-1811, German botanist, coiner of the word 'technology'
POACEAE BOUTELOUA Claudio Boutelou, 1774-1842, and brother Estéban Boutelou, 1776-1813, Spanish botanists and horticulturists. Claudio was a professor of agriculture in Madrid and Esteban was possibly also
POACEAE CHLORIS Chloris, in mythology the Greek goddess of flowers
POACEAE DANTHONIA Etienne Danthoine, 18th/19th century French botanist from Marseilles
POACEAE DESCHAMPSIA Louis Auguste Deschamps, 1766-1842, French botanist and surgeon
POACEAE DESMAZERIA Jean Baptiste Henri Joseph Desmazières, 1786-1862, independently wealthy French botanist from Lille, author and expert on cryptogams
POACEAE EHRHARTA Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart, 1742-1795, German botanist, plant collector and student of Linnaeus
POACEAE GAUDINIA Jean François Aimé Philippe Gaudin, 1766-1833, Swiss clergyman and professor of botany at Lausanne
POACEAE HAINARDIA Pierre Hainard, 1936- , geobotanist and phytogeographer at the University of Lausanne and Curator from 1965 to 1981 of the Jardin Botanique at Geneva
POACEAE IMPERATA Ferrante Imperato, 1550-1625, Neopolitan apothecary or pharmacist who had one of the earliest collections of natural history specimens in Italy
POACEAE KOELERIA Georg Ludwig Koeler, 1765-1807, German physician, pharmacist, botany professor, author and student of the grasses
POACEAE LAMARCKIA Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre Monet de Lamarck, 1774-1829, French botanist at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris and curator of invertebrates at the National Museum of Natural History
POACEAE LEERSIA Johann Daniel Leers, 1727-1774, German botanist and pharmacist
POACEAE MUHLENBERGIA Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg, 1753-1815, German Lutheran minister and pioneer botanist, first president of Franklin College
POACEAE MUNROA William Munro, 1818-1880, British career army officer, botanist and plant collector, authority on grasses
POACEAE NEOSTAPFIA Otto Stapf, 1857-1933, Austrian-born English botanist, keeper of the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
POACEAE ORCUTTIA Charles Russell Orcutt, 1864-1929, California botanist, the first botanical collector to survey Baja California, died in Haiti
POACEAE PUCCINELLIA Benedetto Luigi Puccinelli, 1808-1850, Italian botanist and professor, director of the Botanical Gardens of Lucca
POACEAE ROTTBOELII Christen Friis Rottbøll, 1727-1797, Danish botanist, physician, traveller, physician, Director of the Copenhagen Botanic Garden and pupil of Linnaeus
POACEAE SCRIBNERIA Frank Lamson-Scribner, 1851-1938, American agrostologist, studied diseases of economic plants, was director of the University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station
POACEAE SWALLENIA Jason Richard Swallen, 1903-1991, American agrostologist and taxonomist, chairman of the botany department at the Smithsonian, author of New Grasses of Mexico, Central America and Surinam
POACEAE TORREYOCHLOA John Torrey, 1796-1873, one of the giants of American botany, professor of chemistry, State Botanist of New York, supervisor of the New York Mint, co-author with Asa Gray of Flora of North America
POACEAE VENTENATA Étienne Pierre Ventenat, 1757-1808, French botanist, librarian, clergyman and author
POACEAE VULPIA Johann Samuel Vulpius, 1760-1846, German chemist/physicist, pharmacist and amateur botanist
POACEAE ZOYSIA Karl von Zoys, 1756-1800, Austrian botanist and plant collector
PONTEDERIACEAE EICHHORNIA Johann Albrecht Friedrich Eichhorn, 1779-1856, Prussian Minister of Education and Public Welfare, court advisor and politician
POTAMOGETONACEAE RUPPIA Heinrich Bernhard Ruppius, 1688-1719, German botanist and professor of anatomy
POTAMOGETONACEAE STUCKENIA Wilhelm Adolf Stucken, 1860-1901, German botanist, collected plants in Australia
SCHEUCHZERIACEAE SCHEUCHZERIA Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, 1672-1733, Swiss naturalist, and his brother Johannes Scheuchzer, 1684-1733
ZANNICHELLIACEAE ZANNICHELLIA Gian G. Zannichelli, 1662-1729, Venetian botanist, physician and pharmacist