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The Eponym Dictionary of Bromeliads
Compiled by Michael Charters
Photographs by Michael Charters from plants in my garden

The Bromeliaceae (Pineapple) is a large family of over 3,000 species in approximately 57 genera. They are mainly terrestrial and epiphytic herbaceous plants that grow in mild temperate to tropical regions of the Americas, ranging from Virginia to Patagonia. There is one species of Pitcairnia that grows in West Africa, and a few species grow on the islands of the Pacific. They live in both moist and arid areas, and live at altitudes up to 4,500 meters in the Andes. The family derives its name from the publication in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus of Bromelia pinguin. Two of the best known bromeliads are of course the pineapple, Ananas comosus, and the so-called Spanish moss, Tillandsia usneoides.

Although it is often obvious that an epithet derives from a personal name, sometimes it is not so clear. Going through a list of unfamiliar epithets and trying to decide which ones were named for people is a difficult task. Sorting out epithets derived from personal names from ones derived from geographical locations is equally problematic. It is also very difficult, sometimes well-nigh impossible, to find out who are the honorees for many of these names, since even if the authors specified it in their original publications, those publications are often hundreds of years old, in foreign languages, and housed in herbaria, libraries or museums that are a problem to access. A lot of detective work and a certain amount of guesswork must of necessity go into such a compilation as this, and for all these reasons the following list may contain names that in fact do not commemorate individuals at all. It is almost inevitable that there are also errors in assigning credit for the names included here, but it is my hope that knowledgeable people will notice these and bring them to my attention so that they may be corrected. Please contact me if necessary at mmlcharters[AT] For a list of Bromeliad authors, click here.

abendrothae (Neoregelia):

acosta-solisii (Tillandsia):

adamsii (Tillandsia):

aesii (Tillandsia):

afonsoana (Tillandsia):

agostiana (Vriesea):

albertiana (Tillandsia): for Alberto Castellanos (1896-1968), Argentine botanist, named by an admiring student who discovered the species. He was a professor of botany at the University of Buenos Aires and collected extensively in Argentina, the neighboring countries, and Europe. He was president of the first South American Botanical Congress, founder of the Department of Botany at Montevideo, honorary president of the Argentine Succulent Plants Society, a founding member of the Internation Association of Plant Taxonomists and head of the botanical section of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences. He was the author of Genera et Species Plantarum Argentinarum. Tillandsia albertiana was published in 1969 by the Argentine botanist Federico Bernardo Vervoorst. (JSTOR; Rainforest Flora, Inc.)

Alcantarea: for Dom Pedro d'Alcântara (1825-1891), second Emperor of Brazil. His full name was Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga. He assumed power as Dom Pedro II at the age of 5 when he father, the founder of the Empire of Brazil, abdicated. He was a patron of the arts and sciences and was interested in a great number of subjects including anthropology, history, geography, geology, medicine, law, religious studies, philosophy, painting, sculpture, theater, music, chemistry, physics, astronomy, poetry, technology. He was an incredible linguist and was able to write and read Latin, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Chinese, Occitan and Tupi-Guarani as well as Portuguese. He was the first Brazilian photographer. He was a member of the Royal Society, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium, the American Geographical Society and the French Academy of Sciences. He carried on an amazing correspondence with scientists, philosophers, musicians and other intellectuals. He said that were he not an emperor he would have been a teacher. He is widely considered as the greatest Brazilian. Although a popular ruler, he was overthrown in a coup d'etat by a military clique who wished to establish a republic headed by a dictator. The genus was published in 1929 by German botanist and taxonomist Hermann August Theodor Harms. (Wikipedia)

alexanderi (Pepinia):

alfonsi-joannis (Billbergia):

alfredo-laui (Tillandsia):

aliciae (Navia):

allenii (Aechmea): for Paul Hamilton Allen (1911-1963), American orchidologist, taxonomist and tropical plantsman. His professional positions included Manager of the Missouri Botanical Garden Tropical Station, Balboa, Canal Zone (1936–1939), botanist for the United Fruit Company, Esquinas Experimental Station, Palmas, Costa Rica (1948–1953), Director of the Fairchild Tropical Garden, Coconut Grove, Florida (1953– 1954), professor of horticulture at Escuela Agricola Panamericana, Zamorano, Honduras (1954–1958), bot-anical consultant to the Minister of Agriculture, El Salvador (1958–1959), and director of the Lancetilla Experi-mental Station of the U.F.C. in Tela, Honduras (1959–1963). He was the author of The Rain Forests of Golfo Dulce (1956), and his wife, Dorothy Osdieck Allen, was a botanical artist. Aechmea allenii was published in 1941 by American botanist Lyman Bradford Smith. (Hunt Institute; Wikipedia)

almeriae (Racinaea):

altensteinii (Pitcairnia):

altsonii (Guzmania):

alvareziae (Tillandsia):

alversonii (Pitcairnia oblongifolia var.):

alvimii (Lymania, Nidularium, Orthophytum, Quesnelia): for Alvim Seidel (1927-2007), nurseryman and collector from Brazil, son of Roberto Seidel who founded the Seidel Nursery in Brazil in 1906. Alvim took over in 1945.

amadoi (Vriesea):

amandae (Neoregelia):

amorimii (Aechmea, Nidularium): for Brazilian botanist Andre Amorim. (Aechmea Information)

andersoniana/andersonii (Aechmea): for discoverer of the species John Anderson. (Aechmea Information)

andreana (Guzmania, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia): probably for Édouard François André (1840-1911), French horticulturist, botanical collector and a leading garden and landscape architect who explored in Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

andreettae (Guzmania, Pitcairnia alata var., Vriesea):

andrieuxii (Tillandsia):

appenii (Vriesea):

araujii (Tillandsia):

archeri (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

arelii (Cryptanthus):

arequitae (Tillandsia):

aristeguietae (Puya):

ariza-juliae (Tillandsia):

asplundii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

augusto-coburgii (Quesnelia):

azevedoi (Neoregelia):

baileyi (Tillandsia):

bakeri (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

bakiorum (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

balansae (Bromelia):

barbeyana (Tillandsia):

barbiei (Guzmania):

barbosae (Vriesea):

barclayana (Vriesea):

barkleyana (Puya):

barrigae (Pitcairnia):

barilletii (Vriesea):

barrosoae (Tillandsia):

barthlottii (Tillandsia):

bartramii (Tillandsia):

beachiae (Pepinia):

beateae (Dyckia):

beeriana (Aechmea): for its discoverer Mr. Beer. (Aechmea Information)

belloi (Aechmea orlandiana ssp., Vriesea): for R. Bello, collector and discoverer of Aechmea orlandiana ssp. belloi. (Aechmea Information)

benrathii (Aechmea recurvata var.): for discoverer Benrath. (Aechmea Information)

benzingii (Alcantarea, Orthophytum):

bergeri (Tillandsia):

bergii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

bermejana (Puya):

berryana (Navia):

berteroi (Greigia):

berteroniana (Catopsis, Guzmania, Puya):

besseae (Guzmania):

betancurii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

beuckeri (Cryptanthus):

beutelspacheri (Tillandsia):

Billbergia: for Gustaf Johan Billberg (1772-1844), Swedish botanist, zoologist, and anatomist although by training and profession a lawyer, author of Botanicon Scandinaviae seu plantarum in Suecia et Norvegia sponte crescientium icones (1822), Ekonomisk botanik (1815-16), Enumeratio insectorum in museo (1820) and Synopsis Faunae Scandin-aviae (1827). He was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The genus was published in 1821 by his countryman the Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg. (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)

binotii (Bromelia, Neoregelia):

bismarckii (Guzmania, Tillandsia):

blackburniana (Vriesea):

blanchetiana (Aechmea, Hohenbergia): for a Mr. Blanchet of Brazil, discoverer of Aechmea blanchetiana. (Aechmea Information)

blassii (Guzmania, Racinaea):

bleherae (Vriesea):

boeghii (Vriesea):

bogneri (Pitcairnia aequatorialis var.):

botteri (Tillandsia):

boudetianum (Orthophytum):

bourgaei (Tillandsia):

brackeana (Guzmania, Pitcairnia, Puya):

bradeana (Billbergia, Tillandsia)/bradeanum (Encholirium)/bradei (Pepinia): possibly for Alexander Curt Brade (1881-1971).

braunii (Bromelia, Dyckia, Orthophytum):

breedlovei (Pitcairnia):

brenneri (Tillandsia):

Brewcaria: for Charles Brewer-Carías (1938- ), Venezuelan explorer and naturalist whose name is on many plants, reptiles, insects and a scorpion. He was trained as a dentist and practised for 20 years before turning to a life of exploration. He is the discoverer of the world's largest quartzite cave, has participated in a venture to recover colonial ships sunk off the Islas de Aves, explored the sandstone tepuis (or tabletop mountains) of Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World of Venezuela, was Youth Minister under President Luis Herrera Campins (1979-1984), speaks fluent Yekuana, and was once shot in the shoulder by thieves, one of whom he was forced to kill. Born in Venezuela, he was the grandson of a British diplomat. The genus was published in 1984 by American botanists Lyman Bradford Smith, Julian Alfred Steyermark and Harold Ernest Robinson.

breweri (Navia):

brittoniana (Hechtia, Pitcairnia, Puya):

Brocchinia: for Giovanni Battista Brocchi, Italian naturalist (1772–1826), Italian naturalist, mineralogist and geologist. He was professor of botany in the new lyceum of Brescia and Inspector of Mines in the Kingdom of Italy. He was the author of Trattato mineralogico e chemico sulle miniere di ferro del dipartimento del Mella (1808) a treatise on the iron mines of Mella, Conchiologia fossile subapennina con osservazioni geologiche sugli Apennini, e sul suolo adiacente (1814, in 2 vols.), a description of the structure of the Apennine range and the fossils encountered there, and Dello stato fisico del suolo di Rome (1820). He died at Khartoum. The genus was published in 1830 by Austrian botanist Julius Hermann Schultes.

Bromelia: for the Swedish medical doctor and botanist Olaf Bromelius (1639-1705).

brongnartiana (Pitcairnia):

brownii (Mezobromelia, Neoregelia):

brueggeri (Aechmea): for discoverer M. Brügger. (Aechmea Information)

brunei (Werauhia):

buchlohii (Tillandsia):

buckholtzii (Billbergia):

burchellii (Canistropsis, Dyckia):

burgeri (Werauhia):

burle-marxii (Aechmea, Alcantarea, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Hohenbergia, Neoglaziovia, Neoregelia, Orthophytum, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia): for Roberto Burle-Marx (1909-1994), well-known Brazilian landscape architect. Aechmea burle-marxii was published in 1979 by Brazilian botanist Edmundo Pereira.

buscalionii (Pitcairnia):

buseri (Tillandsia):

butcheri (Guzmania):

butzii (Tillandsia): probably for Gartenbauoberinspektor (Horticulture Inspector General) Ludwig Butz (1879-1966) who was at both Berlin and Königsberg at the same times as Carl Christian Mez who published the name in 1935. Butz was a soldier in World War I, then studied horticulture at a nursery in Wiesbaden, worked at the Palm Garden at Frankfurt am Main, and was employed as a gardener at the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Gardens and then at the Botanical Gardens at Königsberg. A secondary and less likely derivation for this specific epithet would be the horticulturist George C. Butz (1863-1907) who was descended from German-Swiss parents, studied agriculture and rose to be Professor of Horticulture at Pennsylvania State College in 1903. He spent a year in California.

cabrerae (Dyckia, Guzmania):

calderonii (Pitcairnia):

califanii (Tillandsia):

camposii (Pitcairnia):

cardenasii (Billbergia, Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

cardonae (Navia, Puya):

carlos-hankii (Tillandsia):

carlsoniae (Tillandsia):

carolinae (Neoregelia):

carlsoniae (Hechtia):

carnevalii (Navia):

carrierei (Tillandsia):

carvalhoi (Aechmea, Ronnbergia): for M. de Carvalho, discoverer of Aechmea carvalhoi. (Aechmea Information)

castellanosii (Hohenbergia, Puya):

castelnavii (Aechmea): either for (1) Francis de Laporte de Castelnau19 th century french naturalist who explored North and South America (The Plant Files Newsletter) or (2) location of original discovery, Castelnau, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Aechmea Information).

cathcartii (Aechmea, Neoregelia, Vriesea): for D. Cathcart, discoverer of Aechmea cathcartii. (Aechmea Information)

catingae (Hohenbergia, Orthophytum):

chantinii (Aechmea): for M. Chantini, a gardener from Paris. (Aechmea Information)


clarkii (Pitcairnia):

claudiae (Puya):

claudioi (Billbergia x):

clausseniana (Vriesea):

cleefii (Puya):

colganii (Tillandsia):

colnagoi (Cryptanthus, Vriesea):

Connellia: for Frederick Vavasour McConnell, English ornithologist and biologist (1868-1914).

conzattiana (Hechtia):

copynii (Tillandsia):

correia-araujoi (Aechmea, Canistropsis, Hohenbergia, Neoregelia, Vriesea): for Luiz Knud Correia de Araujo, discoverer of Aechmea correia-araujoi and well-known collector. (Aechmea Information)

cossonii (Tillandsia):

costantinii (Aechmea): for Professor Costantin of the Paris Museum. (Aechmea Information)

Cottendorfia: for Johann Georg Freiherr Cotta von Cottendorf, German patron of the sciences (1796-1863).

cowanii (Brocchinia):

cowellii (Werauhia):

crista-gallii (Tillandsia):

croatii (Pitcairnia):

cuatrecasasii (Guzmania, Puya, Tillandsia):

cuevae (Puya):

curranii (Aechmea): for Curran, discoverer. (Aechmea Information)

dalstroemii (Guzmania, Werauhia):

danielii (Greigia, Guzmania):

dasilvae (Billbergia):

dawsonii (Dyckia):

deleonii (Ronnbergia):

deppeana (Tillandsia):

deroosei (Pitcairnia):

desautelsii (Guzmania):

Deuterocohnia: for Ferdinand Julius Cohn, German botanist and bacteriologist (1828-1898).

devansayana (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

dexteri (Tillandsia):

dianae (Cryptanthus):

diazii (Guzmania):

dielsii (Racinaea):

diguetii (Tillandsia):

dodsonii (Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

doeringiana (Neoregelia):

donnell-smithii (Aechmea, Androlepis, Guzmania): possibly for the American biologist and taxonomist John Donnell Smith (1829-1928).

dorisdaltoniae (Tillandsia):

dorotheae (Tillandsia):

dorotheehaseae (Tillandsia):

dorothyae (Cryptanthus):

downsiana (Aechmea): for Dr. W.G. Downs, bromeliad scholar and co-discoverer. (Aechmea Information)

drakeana (Aechmea): for discoverer M.E. Drake del Castillo. (Aechmea Information)

dressleri (Werauhia):

drewii (Vriesea):

duartei (Orthophytum):

duckei (Dyckia):

dudleyi (Guzmania, Tillandsia):

dugesii (Tillandsia):

duidae (Navia, Vriesea):

dungsiana (Neoregelia, Tillandsia tenuifolia var.):

duratii (Tillandsia):

dusenii (Dyckia):

dussii (Guzmania):

duvaliana (Vriesea):

Dyckia: for Joseph Franz Maria Anton Hubert Ignatz Fürst zu Salm-Reifferscheid Dyck (1773-1861), German botanist, horticulturist and artist.

dyeriana (Tillandsia):

eddie-estevesii (Encholirium, Orthophytum): probably for Eddie Esteves Pereira (1939- ).

edithae (Tillandsia):

Edmundoa: for Edmundo Pereira, Brazilian botanist (1914-1986).

edmundoi (Alcantarea, Hohenbergia, Quesnelia):

Eduandrea: for the collector Édouard François André (1840-1911).

eduardii (Guzmania):

egleri (Pitcairnia)/egleriana (Aechmea): for botanist Walter Alberto Egler. (Aechmea Information)

ehlersiana (Tillandsia):

eipperi (Aechmea caudata var.): for E.J. Eipper, discoverer. (Aechmea Information)

eistetteri (Tillandsia):

eitenorum (Bromelia): probably for George and Liene Eiten who have collected extensively throughout Brazil.

eizii (Tillandsia):

ekmanii (Guzmania):

elisabethae (Dyckia, Pitcairnia):

elizabethiae (Tillandsia):

ellenbergii (Pitcairnia):

eloiseae (Billbergia):

eltoniana (Neoregelia, Tillandsia, Vriesea):

elvallensis (Guzmania):

elviragrossiae (Puya)/elvira-grossiae (Tillandsia):

emmerichiae (Aechmea): for for M. Emmerich, Director, Herbarium Bradeanum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Aechmea Information)

engleriana (Tillandsia):

entringeri (Aechmea): for Agestino Entringer, co-collector. (Aechmea Information)

erici (Tillandsia):

erlenbachiana (Puya):

ermitae (Tillandsia):

espinosae (Tillandsia, Vriesea):

esseriana (Tillandsia):

estevesii (Bromelia, Dyckia, Hohenbergia, Orthophytum):

falconii (Orthophytum):

farneyi (Alcantarea):

fassettii (Tillandsia):

fawcettii (Guzmania, Hohenbergia, Racinaea):

feliciana (Pitcairnia): for Henri Jacques-Félix, Nogent-sur-Marne, France, specialist of African Melastomataceae, affiliated with the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France. According to Jacques-Félix (pers. comm. 10 Oct 1997) Russell worked with Chevalier, and prepared a cursory description of the foliar anatomy of the new species. Through their friendship, Chevalier dedicated the genus Willrussellia to Russell.

felixii (Cryptanthus):

fendleri (Aechmea, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia): for discoverer of Aechmea fendleri A. Fendler. (Aechmea Information)

ferdinando-coburgii (Nidularium):

fernandae (Aechmea): for Fernande Glon, daughter of nurseryman M. Linden. (Aechmea Information)

Fernseea: for Moravian-Austrian botanist and physician at Vienna, Dr. Heinrich Ritter Wawra von Fernsee (1831-1887).

ferrell-ingramiae (Pitcairnia):

ferreyrae (Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

ferrisiana (Tillandsia):

fiebrigii (Puya):

flemingii (Aechmea, Bromelia): for Conrad Fleming, collector. (Aechmea Information)

fontourae (Vriesea):

foreroi (Pitcairnia):

Fosterella: for Mulford B. Foster, American horticulturist and collector (1888-1978).

fosteriana (Aechmea, Billbergia, Bromelia, Dyckia, Guzmania, Hechtia, Neoregelia, Pitcairnia, Portea, Puya, Vriesea)/fosterianum (Canistrum, Orthophytum)/fosterianus (Cryptanthus): same as Fosterella. (Aechmea Information)

francisci (Tillandsia):

fraseri (Aechmea, Racinaea): for Fraser, discoverer of Aechmea fraseri. (Aechmea Information)

frassyi (Aechmea): for collector Arturo Frassy. (Aechmea Information)

fiesii (Tillandsia):

fritzmuelleri (Ananas):

froesii (Aechmea):

fuchsii (Aechmea caudata var., Tillandsia): for Fred Fuchs, discoverer of Aechmea fuchsii. (Aechmea Information)

fuentesii (Fosterella):

fuerstenbergiana (Guzmania)/fuerstenbergii (Aechmea=Streptocalyx): for the Prince of Fürstenberg, the plant (A. fuerstenbergii) originally came from his greenhouses. (Aechmea Information)

fuertesii (Pitcairnia):

funckiana (Tillandsia):

funkiae (Pitcairnia):

fuquae (Guzmania):

gableana (Deuterocohnia):

galeottii (Aechmea, Hechtia): for discoverer of Aechmea galeottii Galeotti. (Aechmea Information)

garcia-barrigae (Navia):

gardneri (Portea, Tillandsia):

gargantae (Puya):

garlippiana (Vriesea):

geissii (Tillandsia):

genseri (Tillandsia):

gerd-muelleri (Puya, Tillandsia):

gerdae (Puya, Tillandsia):

germinyana (Aechmea): for Count Alfredo de Germiny. (Aechmea Information)

geyskesii (Pepinia): possibly for D.G. Geyskes.

ghiesbreghtii (Racinaea):

gilliesii (Dyckia, Tillandsia):

gilmartiniae (Brocchinia, Puya, Racinaea): for Amy Jean Gilmartin (1932-1989).

glaziouana (Alcantarea, Vriesea)/glazioui (Cryptanthus): see following.

glaziovii (Aechmea distichantha var., Bromelia, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Encholirium, Pitcairnia, Portea): for Auguste François Marie Glaziou, 20th century French plant collector in Brazil. (Garden Dictionary)

gleasonii (Navia):

glymiana (Pitcairnia):

goehringii (Dyckia):

goeldiana (Bromelia)/goeldianus (Araeococcus):

goudae (Pitcairnia):

goudotiana (Guzmania, Puya):

graebeneri (Tillandsia):

grafii (Pitcairnia, Puya):

grantii (Puya):

granvillei (Bromelia):


grazielae (Aechmea, Cryptanthus, Tillandsia): for botanist Dr. Graziela Marciel Baroso. (Aechmea Information)

greenbergii (Werauhia):

Greigia: for Samuel Alexeivich Greig, president of the Russian Horticultural Society in 1865.

grossiorum (Orthophytum): possibly for Elvira Angela Gross (1954-2005), German botanist, bromeliad specialist.

grubbiana (Pitcairnia)/grubbii (Puya):

gruberi (Tillandsia romeroi var., Vriesea):

guelzii (Tillandsia):

guenther-nolleri (Tillandsia):

gurkeniana (Aechmea, Bromelia): for discoverer of Aechmea gurkeniana S. Gurken. (Aechmea Information)

gurkenii (Orthophytum):

gustavoi (Aechmea): for Gustavo J.P.S. Barroso, owner of land where species was discovered. (Aechmea Information)

gutteana (Pitcairnia, Puya):

Guzmannia: for Anastacio (Anastasio) Guzmán y Abreu (c.1770-1807), Spanish botanist, naturalist and plant collector. (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)

hahnii (Catopsis):

hainesiorum (Werauhia):

haltonii (Aechmea, Werauhia): for discoverer of Aechmea haltonii Mr. Halton of Selby Gardens, Sarasota, Florida. (Aechmea Information)

hammelii (Pepinia):

hammeri (Tillandsia):

harleyi (Orthophytum):

harlingii (Guzmania, Pepinia):

harmsiana (Vriesea)/harmsii (Puya):

harrisii (Tillandsia):

harrylutheri (Vriesea):

hasei (Tillandsia, Vriesea):

hathewayi (Ronnbergia):

hatschbachii (Alcantarea, Dyckia, Fosterella, Hohenbergia, Orthophytum, Pitcairnia):

hauggiae (Racinaea):

haughtii (Pitcairnia):

haumanii (Deuterocohnia):

hebdingii (Dyckia):

Hechtia: for Julius Gottfried Conrad Hecht, German counselor to the King of Prussia (1771-1837).

heerdeae (Pitcairnia):

hegeri (Tillandsia):

heleniceae (Orthophytum):

helmutii (Tillandsia):

heloisae (Alcantarea, Encholirium):

hemkeri (Tillandsia):

henniae (Guzmania):

herrerae (Guzmania, Puya, Tillandsia walteri var.):

herzogii (Puya):

heubergii (Tillandsia):

heydlaufii (Pitcairnia):

hieronymii (Bromelia):

hildae (Tillandsia):

hintoniana (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

hirtzii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

hitchcockii (Brocchinia)/hitchcockiana (Guzmania, Pitcairnia, Vriesea):

hodgei (Vriesea):

hoehneana (Aechmea ornata var., Neoregelia, Vriesea): for botanist and discoverer of Aechmea hoehneana F.C. Hoehne. (Aechmea Information)

hoeijeri (Tillandsia):

hofstenii (Puya):

Hohenbergia: for the Prince of Württemburg, German patron of botany known as Hohenberg.

holmesii (Streptocalyx):

holstii (Lindmania, Pepinia):

hooveri (Pepinia):

hoppii (Aechmea): for W. Hopp, discoverer. (Aechmea Information)

horstii (Bromelia, Tillandsia):

hromadnikiana (Tillandsia):

huancavelicae (Puya):

huberi (Lindmania)/huberiana (Navia):

hubertiana (Tillandsia):

huebneri (Aechmea): for discoverer Huebner. (Aechmea Information)

humboldtii (Tillandsia):

hutchisonii (Mezobromelia, Puya):

ibischii (Puya):

ignaciana (Bromelia):

ignesiae (Tillandsia):

ilseana (Tillandsia):

irmgardiae (Dyckia):

irwiniana (Pitcairnia)/irwinii (Bromelia, Dyckia, Encholirium):

isabellina (Puya):

issingiana (Billbergia):

itatiaiae (Fernseea):

izkoi (Guzmania):

jaramilloi (Guzmania/Pitcairnia):

jenii (Werauhia):

jenmanii (Racinaea):

jimenezii (Pitcairnia):

joannis (Aechmea):

joergensenii (Puya):

johannis (Neoregelia, Pitcairnia):

johnsoniae (Neoregelia):

jonesianum (Nidularium)/jonesii (Tillandsia, Vriesea):

jonghei (Vriesea):

joyae (Vriesea):

juerg-rutschmannii (Tillandsia):

julianae (Dyckia):

juzepczukii (Pitcairnia):

kalbreyeri (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

kalmbacheri (Tillandsia):

kammii (Tillandsia):

kareniae (Guzmania):

karwinskyana (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

kathyae (Werauhia):

kauffmannii (Tillandsia):

kautskyi (Neoregelia, Quesnelia, Tillandsia)/kautskyana (Billbergia, Vriesea)/kautskyanum (Nidularium):

kegeliana (Tillandsia):

kentii (Aechmea, Guzmania): for discoverer of Aechmea kentii J. Kent. (Aechmea Information)

kermesina (Portea):

kerryi (Neoregelia):

kessleri (Greigia, Racinaea, Tillandsia):

killipiana (Guzmania, Pepinia, Ronnbergia)/killipii (Puya):

kirkbridei (Pitcairnia):

kirchhoffiana (Tillandsia):

kirschnekii (Tillandsia):

klausii (Tillandsia):

kleinii (Aechmea): for Roberto M. Klein, curator of a herbarium and friend of the person who described the plant (Reitz). (Aechmea Information)

koehresiana (Tillandsia):

koeneniana (Pitcairnia):

koesteri (Aechmea):

koideae (Tillandsia, Vriesea):

kolbii (Tillandsia):

kraenzliniana (Guzmania):

krahnii (Tillandsia):

kressii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

kretzii (Tillandsia):

krisgreeniae (Nidularium):

kroemeri (Pitcairnia):

krukoffiana (Tillandsia):

krystofii (Tillandsia):

kuehhasii (Tillandsia):

kuhlmannii (Billbergia, Neoregelia):

kunhardtiana (Pepinia):

kuntzeana (Aechmea, Puya, Tillandsia): for discoverer of Aechmea kuntzeana Kuntz. (Aechmea Information)

kuppereana (Werauhia):

kuzmae (Tillandsia):

lacerdae (Cryptanthus):

laesslei (Hohenbergia):

lamarchei (Aechmea): for discoverer Lamarche.

landbeckii (Greigia, Tillandsia):

larae (Puya):

lasseri (Aechmea): for Dr. T. Lasser, Director, Institute of Botany and the Botanical Garden, Caracas, Venezuela. (Aechmea Information)

laui (Tillandsia):

lautneri (Tillandsia):

lechleri (Pitcairnia):

legrellae (Bromelia):

lehmanniana (Guzmania, Puya)/lehmannii (Pitcairnia):

leiboldiana (Ochagavia, Tillandsia):

lemeana (Guzmania)/lemei (Hohenbergia, Orthophytum): for Elton Martinez Carvalho Leme (1960- ).

leonard-kentiana (Aechmea): for Leonard Kent, father of Jeffrey Kent of Kent's Bromeliad Nursery, California. (Aechmea Information)

leonii (Vriesea ruschii ssp.):

leopoldo-horstii (Cryptanthus, Hohenbergia):

leopoldii (Aechmea, Billbergia, Pepinia, Pitcairnia, Vriesea):

leprieurii (Pitcairnia):

leuzingerae (Cryptanthus):

liesneri (Navia):

lietzei (Billbergia):

lilloi (Puya):

lillyae (Neoregelia):

lindae (Pitcairnia):

lindenii (Canistrum, Edmundoa, Guzmania, Tillandsia):

lindevaldae (Bromelia. Dyckia):

lindleyana (Ochagavia):

Lindmania: for Carl Axel Magnus Lindman, Swedish botanist (1856-1928).

linehamii (Nidularium):

linharesiae (Vriesea)/linharesiorum (Aechmea): for discoverer of Aechmea linharesiorum and explorer S.A. Linhares. (Aechmea Information)

loki-schmidtiae (Pitcairnia):

lokischmidtiae (Puya):

lopezii (Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia):

lorentziana (Deuterocohnia, Tillandsia):

lotteae (Deuterocohnia, Tillandsia):

lubbersii (Vriesea):

lueddemanniana (Aechmea): for Lüddemann, discoverer. (Aechmea Information)

lugoi (Aechmea): for discoverer M. Lugo. (Aechmea Information)

luis-gomezii (Werauhia):

lundelliorum (Hechtia):

luschnathii (Pitcairnia):

luteyniorum (Pepinia):

lutheriana (Vriesea)/lutherianus (Cryptanthus)/lutheri (Pitcairnia, Puya, Vriesea, Werauhia):

lutziana (Dyckia):

lydiae (Tillandsia):

lymansmithiana (Pitcairnia, Racinaea)/lyman-smithii (Cryptanthus, Hechtia, Mezobromelia, Nidularium, Vriesea, Werauhia)/lymansmithii (Hechtia): for Lyman Bradford Smith, American botanist.

Lymania/lymaniana (Neoregelia)/lymanianum (Encholirium, Orthophytum)/lymanii (Aechmea, Billbergia, Ortgiesia, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia): for Lyman Bradford Smith, American botanist.

maasii (Aechmea): for P. Maas, collector and colleague of the people who described the plant. (Aechmea Information)

macbrideana (Greigia, Tillandsia)/ macbridei (Puya):

macdougalii (Tillandsia):

macedoi (Dyckia):

macvaughii (Tillandsia, Ursulaea):

macwilliamsii (Neoregelia):

madisonii (Guzmania):

magalhaesii (Encholirium, Orthophytum):

magdalenae (Aechmea, Ananas, Mezobromelia, Neoregelia):

maguirei (Brocchinia, Lindmania, Navia, Pepinia, Vriesea):

makoyana (Aechmea comata var., Tillandsia): for Makoy, a nurseryman, who discovered the variety Aechmea comata var. makoyana. (Aechmea Information)

makrinii (Tillandsia):

mallemontii (Tillandsia):

malvernii (Hechtia):

malyi (Tillandsia):

malzinei (Vriesea):

mandonii (Tillandsia):

manzanaresiana (Aechmea)/manzanaresiorum (Guzmania): for J. Manzanares, bromeliad scholar from Quito. (Aechmea Information)

marceloi (Canistropsis):

marconae (Tillandsia):

margaretae (Neoregelia):

mariae (Puya):

mariae-reginae (Aechmea): for the Virgin Queen, Queen Mary. (Aechmea Information)

marigoi (Nidularium):

markusii (Tillandsia):

marnier-lapostollei (Dyckia, Hechtia, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia, Werauhia):

martinellii (Dyckia, Neoregelia):

matudae (Tillandsia):

mauryana (Tillandsia):

maxoniana (Vriesea):

meeanum (Nidularium):

melgueroi (Vriesea):

melinonii (Aechmea): for discoverer Melinon. (Aechmea Information)

mello-barretoi (Dyckia, Orthophytum):

menescalii (Neoregelia, Vriesea):

mertensii (Aechmea): for F.K. Mertens. (Aechmea Information)

meyeri (Billbergia):

meziana (Deuterocohnia, Puya):

Mezobromelia: for Carl Christian Mez, German botanist (1866-1944).

michaelii (Vriesea):

micheliana (Pitcairnia)/michelii (Guzmania, Racinaea, Tillandsia):

milsteiniana (Aechmea): for G. Milstein, bromeliad cultivator in New York. (Aechmea Information)

mirandae (Pitcairnia):

mohammadii (Pitcairnia):

monteroana (Puya coerulea var.):

moonenii (Aechmea): for discoverer J. Moonen. (Aechmea Information)

mooreana (Aechmea, Hechtia, Neoregelia, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

moorei (Aechmea): for discoverer and collector Lee Moore. (Aechmea Information)

moralesii (Werauhia):

morelii (Billbergia):

moritziana (Pitcairnia):

morreniana (Bromelia, Catopsis, Guzmania, Quesnelia, Ronnbergia)/morrenii (Vriesea):

moscosoi (Tillandsia):

mosquerae (Guzmania):

muelleri (Vriesea):

muhriae (Tillandsia):

mulfordii (Aechmea, Greigia): for M.B. Foster, discoverer of A. mulfordii. (Aechmea Information)

nahoumii (Alcantarea, Connellia):

nallyi (Aechmea): for J. Nally, discoverer and collector from Florida. (Aechmea Information)

nanuzae (Vriesea):

navarroana (Puya):

Navia: for Bernard Sebastian von Nau, German supporter of natural history and physics.

neeana (Pepinia, Pitcairnia):

neillii (Pitcairnia):

Neoglaziova: for Auguste François Marie Glaziou, French landscape architect and bromeliad collector (1833-1906)

Neoregelia: for Constantin Andreas von Regel (1890-1970), Russian botanist. (CRC) or Eduard August von Regel, director of St. Petersburg Botanic Gardens in Russia (1815-1892) (Wikipedia)

nevaresii (Neoregelia):

niduspuellae (Bromelia):

niederleinii (Dyckia):

noblickii (Vriesea):

nolleriana (Tillandsia):

novakii (Tillandsia):

nowickii (Fosterella):

Ochagavia: for Sylvestris Ochagavia, Chilean minister of education.

oerstediana (Tillandsia)/oerstedii (Tillandsia):

oliva-estevae (Lindmania, Pitcairnia):

oliveirae (Bromelia):

orjuelae (Werauhia):

Ortgiesia/ortgiesiana (Tillandsia)/ortgiesii (Aechmea recurvata var.): for Eduard Ortgies of Zurich, collaborator of botanist Regel. (Aechmea Information)

pabstii (Aechmea, Hohenbergia, Vriesea): for botanist G. Pabst. (Aechmea Information)

palmeri (Bromelia, Pitcairnia):

pamelae (Tillandsia):

parryi (Tillandsia):

patriciae (Aechmea): for discoverer Patricia Bulis. (Aechmea Information)

pattersonae (Guzmania, Puya, Racinaea):

pavonii (Pitcairnia):

pearcei (Fosterella, Greigia, Guzmania, Puya):

peiranoi (Tillandsia):

penlandii (Racinaea):

pennae (Hohenbergia):

pennellii (Guzmania):

Pepinia: for Pierre Denis Pépin, French member of the Imperial and Central Society of Agriculture (c.1802-1876).

pereirae (Vriesea):

pereziana (Vriesea):

petersii (Ronnbergia):

pfeufferi (Tillandsia):

phelpsiae (Lindmania, Navia, Pitcairnia):

philippo-coburgii (Vriesea):

pickelii (Canistrum, Cryptanthus):

piepenbringii (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia krukoffiana var., Vrisea):

pimenti-velosoi (Aechmea): for ecologist and mosquito expert H. Pimenta Veloso. (Aechmea Information)

pineliana (Aechmea, Neoregelia): for discoverer of Aechmea pineliana Charles Pinel. (Aechmea Information)

pinottii (Vriesea):

piresii (Lindmania, Navia):

Pitcairnia: for Dr. William Pitcairn, English physician and gardener (1711-1791).

pittieri (Aechmea, Werauhia): for naturalist H. Pittier. (Aechmea Information)

pizarroana (Puya):

platzmannii (Vriesea):

plowmanii (Steyerbromelia):

plumieri (Bromelia, Guzmania):

poelmanii (Vriesea):

poeppigiana (Pitcairnia)/poeppigii (Bromelia, Streptocalyx):

pohliana (Billbergia, Tillandsia):

poitaei (Aechmea, Streptocalyx): for discoverer of Aechmea poitaei P. Poiteau. (Aechmea Information)

polzii (Tillandsia):

pontualii (Neoregelia):

poortmanii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

Portea/porteana (Billbergia): for Dr. Marius Porte, French naturalist.

portillae (Tillandsia):


prancei (Aechmea): for discoverer G. Prance, collector and botanist. (Aechmea Information)

praschekii (Tillandsia):

pringlei (Tillandsia utriculata ssp.):

proctorii (Hohenbergia, Werauhia):

prosanae (Puya):

quelchii (Connellia):

Quesnelia/quesneliana (Billbergia, Quesnelia): for M. Quesnel, French consul to French Guiana.

quillotana (Puya):

raackii (Tillandsia):

Racinaea/racinae (Aechmea, Dyckia, Greigia, Tillandsia, Vriesea): for Racine Foster, wife of Mulford B. Foster and co-founder of the BSI.

rafaelii (Vriesea):

raimondii (Puya):

ramellae (Tillandsia):

ramonii (Puya):

rauhiana (Guzmania)/rauhii (Puya, Tillandsia heteropmorpha var., Tillandsia, Vriesea):

rauschii (Tillandsia):

redoutei (Bromelia):

regnellii (Bromelia, Vriesea):

reichardtii (Billbergia):

reichenbachii (Tillandsia):

reisii (Cryptanthus):

reitzii (Dyckia, Vriesea):

remyi (Guzmania):

reuteri (Tillandsia):

rhonhofiana (Guzmania):

richteri (Neoregelia):

ridleyi (Hohenbergia):

riocreuxii (Racinaea):

robert-readii (Billbergia)/robertreadii (Fosterella):

robertiana (Billbergia amoena var.)

roberto-anselmoi (Aechmea): for Roberto Anselmo Kautsky (1924- ).

roberto-kautskyi (Alcantarea, Cryptanthus): for Roberto Anselmo Kautsky (1924- ).

roberto-seidelii (Aechmea, Vriesea): for Roberto Seidel, father of Alvim Seidel, nurseryman and collector from Brazil. Roberto Seidel founded the Seidel Nursery in Brazil in 1906. (Aechmea information)

robin-fosteri (Puya):

robinsonii (Navia):

rodigasiana (Vriesea):

rodriguesiana (Aechmea): for discoverer W. Rodrigues. (Aechmea information)

roeseliae (Aechmea): for C. Roesel, researcher at Smithsonian Institution. (Aechmea information)

roethii (Neoregelia, Vriesea):

roezlii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia flammea var., Puya, Tillandsia):

rohdenardinii (Tillandsia):

rohwederi (Greigia):

rojasii (Fosterella, Pitcairnia):

roland-gosseliniii (Tillandsia):

roldanii (Puya):

romeroi (Aechmea, Tillandsia): for discoverer of Aechmea romeroi R. Romero-Casteñeda. (Aechmea information)

rondoniana (Bromelia):

Ronnbergia: for Auguste Ronnberg, Belgian Director of Agriculture and Horticulture in 1874. (Wikipedia)

rothii (Tillandsia):

rothschuhiana (Racinaea):

rubyae (Vriesea):

rudolfii (Tillandsia):

ruizana (Pitcairnia):

rundelliana (Pitcairnia):

rusbyi (Fosterella, Puya, Tillandsia):

ruschii (Neoregelia, Vriesea):

ruthiae (Cryptanthus):

salzmannii (Hohenbergia):

samuelssonii (Pitcairnia):

sanctae-crucis (Puya):

sanctae-martae (Greigia, Racinaea):

sandemanii (Pitcairnia):

sanderiana (Billbergia):

sandrae (Canistrum, Hohenbergia):

sandwithii (Navia):

sangii (Tillandsia):

santieusebii (Tillandsia):

santosii (Puya):

sastrei (Pitcairnia):

saundersii (Billbergii, Vriesea):

sazimae (Vriesea):

schatzlii (Tillandsia):

scheremetiewii (Nidularium):

scherzeriana (Guzmania):

schiediana (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

schimperiana (Billbergia nutans var., Tillandsia):

schlimii (Pitcairnia microcalyx var.):

schlumbergeri (Aechmea distichantha var.): for horticulturist Schlumberg. (Aechmea Information)

schottii (Hechtia):

schreiteri (Deuterocohnia):

schubertii (Neoregelia):

schultesiana (Navia, Vriesea):

schultzei (Tillandsia):

schultzianum (Orthophytum)/schultzii (Pitcairnia):

schumanniana (Racinaea):

schunkei (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia)/schunkii (Vriesea):

schusteri (Tillandsia):

schwackeana (Dyckia, Vriesea)/schwackeanus (Cryptanthus):

seemannii (Racinaea):

seideliana (Aechmea, Neoregelia, Ortgiesia, Quesnelia, Tillandsia, Vriesea)/seidelianum (Canistrum)/ seidelianus (Cryptanthus)/seidelii (Aechmea, Billbergia, Canistropsis, Nidularium, Streptocalyx): for Alvim Seidel (1927-2007), nurseryman and collector from Brazil, son of Roberto Seidel who founded the Seidel Nursery in Brazil in 1906. Alvim took over in 1945. (Aechmea information)

seleriana (Tillandsia):

selloana (Eduandrea):

sellowiana (Dyckia):

sessemocinoi (Tillandsia): for Martín Sessé y Lacasta and José Mariano Mociño?

sickii (Dyckia):

sieffiana (Guzmania):

silva-petrea (Vriesea):

silvae (Dyckia):

silvae-baccae (Puya):

silveirae (Portea):

sintenisii (Vriesea):

skinneri (Androlepis):

skotakii (Guzmania):

smithiana (Lindmania):

smithii (Lymania, Neoregelia, Puya):

smithiorum (Aechmea, Pitcairnia): for discoverers of Aechmea smithiorum G.W. and H.H. Smith. (Aechmea Information)

sneidernii (Guzmania, Pitcairnia):

snowii (Pitcairnia brachysperma var.):

soderstromii (Vriesea):

sodiroana (Puya)/sodiroi (Pitcairnia, Tillandsia):

solomonii (Puya):

sprengeliana (Tillandsia):

sprucei (Guzmania, Pepinia):

standleyi (Tillandsia):

stephanii (Tillandsia fuchsii var.):

stevensonii (Pitcairnia):

Steyerbromelia: for Julian A. Steyermark, American plant collector, author, and editor.

steyermarkii (Brocchinia, Greigia, Guzmania, Lindmania, Navia, Pitcairnia, Racinaea):

straussiana (Billbergia distachia var.):

strobeliae (Vriesea):

sucrei (Tillandsia, Vriesea):

suescana (Tillandsia):

suesillae (Tillandsia):

supthutii (Orthophytum):

susannae (Pitcairnia):

swartzii (Vriesea):

takizawae (Tillandsia):

tatei (Brocchinia):

tatzyanae (Pepinia):

tessmannii (Aechmea, Billbergia): for G. Tessmann, discoverer of Aechmea tessmannii. (Aechmea Information)

teuscheri (Guzmania):

thiekenii (Tillandsia):

thomasiana (Puya)/thomasii (Steyerbromelia):

Tillandsia: for Elias Erici Tillands (1640-1693), Swedish physician and botanist (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)

tillettii (Greigia):

tillii (Pitcairnia, Puya, Tillandsia, Vriesea):

tomekii (Tillandsia):

tonduziana (Werauhia)/tonduzii (Aechmea): for Swiss discoverer A. Tonduz. (Aechmea Information)

tosconoi (Orthophytum):

trauneri (Tillandsia):

trianae (Bromelia, Pitcairnia, Puya):

trollii (Puya):

tuerckheimii (Pitcairnia, Vriesea):

turneri (Tillandsia):

tweedieana (Billbergia, Tillandsia, Vriesea)/tweediei (Dyckia): for John Tweedie (1775-1862)?

tympani (Pitcairnia):

ulei (Pitcairnia):

ulrici (Tillandsia):

Ursulaea: for Ursula Baensch, plant breeder and co-author with her husband of ‘Blooming Bromeliads’.

velerioi (Pitcairnia):

vallerandii (Aechmea):

van-hyningii (Greigia, Tillandsia ionantha var., Werauhia):

vanhoutteana (Aechmea): for nurseryman Vanhoutte. (Aechmea Information)

vanvolxemii (Guzmania):

varadarajanii (Connellia):

vargasiana (Pitcairnia, Puya):

vasquezii (Aechmea, Fosterella, Puya): for discoverer of Aechmea vasquezii Roberto Vasquez of Peru. (Aechmea Information)

velickiana (Tillandsia):

vidalii (Vriesea):

villetaensis (Pitcairnia):

vogelii (Encholirium):

Vriesea: for Willem Hendrik de Vriese (1806-1862), Dutch botanist. (CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names)

wagneriana (Tillandsia):

walter-richteri (Tillandsia):

walteri (Tillandsia):

wangerinii (Catopsis):

warasii (Aechmea, Cryptanthus): for Waras, discoverer of Aechmea warasii. (Aechmea Information)

warmingii (Dyckia, Vriesea):

warren-loosei (Cryptanthus): for Warren Loose, bromeliad and orchid propagator at the Beaumont Botanical Gardens in Texas.

wawranea (Catopsis, Tillandsia, Vriesea):

wawreana (Catopsis):

weberbaueri (Aechmea, Fosterella, Guzmania, Puya): for discoverer of Aechmea weberbaueri Weberbauer. (Aechmea Information)

weberi (Aechmea, Tillandsia, Vriesea)/weberiana (Puya): for botanist W. Weber. (Aechmea Information)

weddelliana (Dyckia, Fosterella, Puya):

weilbachii (Aechmea): for German collector Weilbach. (Aechmea Information)

welzii (Tillandsia):

wendlandii (Pitcairnia):

wendtiae (Pitcairnia):

Werauhia: for Werner Rauh (1913-2000), German botanist.

werckleana (Catopsis, Werauhia):

werdermannii (Aechmea, Tillandsia): for discoverer of Aechmea werdermannii Werdermann. (Aechmea Information)

werffii (Pepinia):

westii (Puya):

whitmanii (Cryptanthus):

wilburiana (Pitcairnia):

williamsii (Aechmea, Werauhia): for discoverer of Aechmea williamsii Llewelen Williams. (Aechmea Information)

Willrussellia: for William Russell: "chef de travaux honoraire de Botanique de la Faculté des Sciences de Paris" [honorary head of botanical works of the Faculty of Sciences, Paris]. A synonym of Pitcairnia.

wilsoniana (Neoregelia):

windischii (Fosterella, Pitcairnia):

winkleri (Aechmeam, Tillandsia): for discoverer of Aechmea winkleri Sieghard Winkler (1936-1992). (Aechmea Information)

wittmackiana (Aechmea)/wittmackii (Guzmania): for bromeliad specialist Louis Wittmack. (Aechmea Information)

Wittrockia: for Veit Bracher Wittrock (1839-1914), Swedish botanist.

wolfei (Pitcairnia):

woodsoniana (Werauhia):

woronowii (Aechmea, Pitcairnia): for G.J. Woronow, Russian botanist and discoverer of Aechmea woronowii.

wrightii (Aechmea, Guzmania, Puya, Vriesea):

wuelfinghoffii (Aechmea, Tillandsia, Vriesea): for discoverer of Aechmea wuelfinghoffii R. Wülfinghoff. (Aechmea Information)

wurdackiana (Brocchinia)/wurdackii (Lindmania, Navia, Neoregelia, Puya, Tillandsia, Vriesea):

wynteri (Pitcairnia bromeliifolia var.):

yunckeri (Tillandsia): Truman George Yuncker 1891-1964

yuvinkae (Fosterella): Yuvinka Gareca 1978- , Bolivian entomologist

zahnii (Guzmania): Gottlieb Zahn, ?-1870

zakii (Guzmania): Vlastimil Zak 1959-

zamudioi (Hechtia): Sergio Zamudio Ruiz 1953-

zanonii (Orthophytum):

zaslawskyi (Neoregelia): ? Vladyslaw Zaslawski

zecheri (Tillandsia):

Ernst Zecher, gardener at Schoenbrunn

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