It was another mid-week Halloween and the weather was cool and dry. The
ghosties and goblins were plentiful, and most of the trick-or-treaters were not
too afraid to come up to the front door. We had our share of Harry Potters
and other black-robed Hogwarts characters, supermen, spidermen and batmen
(and women), princesses, pumpkins and pirates, angels and devils, cowboys
and firemen, an I-Pod, a Bates Motel employee and a Paul Bunyan, Poohs
and Tiggers, raggedy anns, witches and wizards, grim reapers, indians, accident
victims and people with horribly scarred faces and deformed limbs. Many were
carrying light sabers, staffs, spears, pitchforks, swords, hatchets, axes and other
implements of destruction. We estimated around 2,500 people at our house, but
were glad we didn't get the 5,000-10,000 that choked the next block up. Many
compliments came our way from kids and adults alike for the "coolness" of our
decorations and went a long way toward making me feel that the work involved
had been worth while.








Happy Halloween!!

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