The Two Apart  
by Michael L. Charters  

The two apart, yet never far,
With but a room between -
A room, just empty space, and they
With soft hand-touching smiles
Converse in silent unborn words
(For feelings are that words won't fit)
And shyly pointing where
The bed shall be, and here the couch
And there the stove, the rug
Just so - and while they stand,
Their eyes alive in new day's light,
The sound of children's laughter rings
Through curtain-covered windows, and
They watch each other, seeing what
Each had never seen before,
And they with fresh-found wonder
Feel the growing bond between.

But watch - a paradise
There shall not be, for such is not
The way of nature when she brings
Together whom she will. In haste
He'll speak, her smile will fall,
A tear may touch her face, or
The other way around, and anger
Once aroused must be purified
By patience, and each must wait,
And give, and give up.

So understand, that love is not
A children's game, to be begun
And ended on a moment's whim.
The true will always last, and if
It dies you know that it was
Premature, and should have been allowed
To ripen more. There must be will,
And understand too, for all who would
Attempt to love, so speak what's in
Your heart, and never let a wall
Divide you.

© 2010 M. Charters, Sierra Madre, CA.