Two Photographs Taken of Hidden Lake

25 and 26 Years Apart

The first picture taken in 1983 clearly shows a very full lake. I found the following statement in Storm-Induced Geologic Hazards
edited by Robert A. Larson and James E. Slosson: "The 1982-1983 rainfall season was a near record 79.4 cm (31.25 in) for the
Los Angeles Civic Center," so evidently that was quite a rainy season. The second picture was taken in 2008 and shows what is
a fairly large unsubmerged area around the perimeter of the lake. What is interesting to me about these pictures is how little appears
to have changed. The 1983 picture shows vegetation that is a little greener and at least one large tree that has died by 2008, possibly
The third picture was taken in late May 2009 in a year that was considerably drier than 2008.

Copyright 1983 California Native Plant Society

Copyright 2008 Michael L. Charters

Copyright 2009 Michael L. Charters