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I am calling these my special topics pages because unlike my regular pages which are each devoted to a single taxon, they include two or more taxa, and are intended to illustrate or compare certain features or other interesting characteristics through photos and/or line drawings.

1.    Purshia and Fallugia
2.    Galls
3.    Desert Varnish
4.    Rock Lichens
5.    Puffballs
6.    Tree Lichens
7.    Branched Hareleaf
8.    Blooming Species of Hellhole Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert
       State Park
9.    Genus Sarcostemma in California
10.  Euphorbias of Southern California
11.  Liverworts
12.  Moss
13.  Shell Fungus
14.  Mystery Atriplexes
15.  How Easy It Is To Misidentify Pictures
16.  Phacelia distans and Phacelia tanacetifolia
17.  Monkeyflowers of the Devils Slide Trail
18.  Pseudotsuga macrocarpa and Abies concolor
19.  Aster occidentalis and Machaeranthera canescens
20.  Clarkias of Southern California
21.  Muilla and Bloomeria
22.  Ageratina
23.  Black mustard and Shortpod Mustard
24.  Turritis glabra

25.  Saltugilia splendens ssp. splendens and ssp. grantii