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Monkeyflowers of the Devils Slide Trail

Not all of these pictures were taken on the Devils Slide Trail, but all of them with one exception represent species that Tom Chester, James Dillane and I observed on a hike on 7/10/2006. The trailhead is at Humber Park above Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains and begins at an elevation of 6440', ascending to Saddle Junction at 8075'. I am including M. Primuloides which is absent on the Devils Slide Trail itself but might be found in moist meadows in the flat areas near Saddle Jct. The pictures which were actually taken on the Devils Slide Trail are marked DS.

Thanks to Tom Chester for suggestions as to the organization of this page and for this key which should be used for this trail only:

- flowers orange to red; middle corolla lobes reflexed ..... M. cardinalis
- flowers yellow to pink; middle corolla lobes not reflexed .....
- flowers mostly pink to red ..... M. breweri
   - flowers yellow .....
- tiny flowers, ~7 mm (to 15 mm) .....
         - pedicels 3-12 cm long; perennial ..... M. primuloides
         - pedicels 1-3 cm long; annual .....
            - calyx lobes << tube ..... M. floribundus
            - calyx lobes ~ tube ..... M. pilosus
- larger flowers, generally > ~15 mm; annual to perennial .....
         - leaves pinnately veined ..... M. moschatus
         - leaves palmately veined .....
- flowers 1-3(5) per stem; perennial with fleshy rhizomes; pedicels generally > corollas;
              > 7000' ..... M. tilingii
            - flowers generally > 5 per stem; annual to perennial, rootstocks rarely fleshy; pedicels
              generally < corollas; < 7000' ..... M. guttatus

A plant guide for this trail may be found at

Mimulus cardinalis
Scarlet monkeyflower

Mimulus breweri
Brewer's monkeyflower

Mimulus primuloides
Primrose monkeyflower


Mimulus floribundus
Many-flowered monkeyflower

Mimulus pilosus
Downy monkeyflower

Mimulus moschatus
Musk monkeyflower


Mimulus tilingii
Tiling's monkeyflower

Mimulus guttatus
Creek monkeyflower