Photographs by Michael L. Charters
My weeklong hike on the Backbone Trail from Point Mugu State Park to
Will Rogers State Park in May, 2002, sponsored and organized by Coastwalk
and the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council, and led by Milt McAuley,
author of Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains, has given me the incentive
I needed to add a Wildflowers of the Backbone Trail section to my website.
This will be another work in progress, with photos being added more or less
continuously as time goes on.  I have decided to begin displaying images, but
 if the picture you are looking for is not included, please check back again soon.
I would like to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Ruth Gerson, President
of the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council ( on behalf of
all those who enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains and the wonderful hiking, biking
and equestrian trails therein.

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If you are uncertain of a flower's name, you may wish to look
for it in the Thumbnail Photo Gallery which may eventually be
organized according to color.

(*) Indicates introduced species

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