What's Blooming at the Los Angeles County

A Year in the Life of a Botanic Garden

Photographs by Michael Charters

This website is an attempt to document the flowering plants of the Los Angeles County Arboretum over the course of an entire year. The photographs that are displayed here are of those species that I have observed blooming in each month, and every photograph was taken on the grounds of the Arboretum. Obviously many plants bloom over periods longer than a month, so I have tried to show only those new things that I have found each month. Identifications can always be a problem because not every plant in the Arboretum has a sign or tag associated with it. Nevertheless, the signage at the Arboretum is generally excellent and plant records are maintained in the Library, so I have in most instances been able to come up with satisfactory identifications, but I can't absolutely guarantee their accuracy. The common names are either as they were displayed on garden signs or as I have found from the internet or other printed sources such as those listed on the References page. Not every species however has a common name, at least in English, especially when dealing with large genera like orchids, euphorbs, or aloes. I would like to express my appreciation to Senior Biologist Jim Bauml, and also to Senior Orchid Gardener Julie Norman, Grace Kallam Garden Curator Marcela Lineiro, Frank McDonough and David Lofgren in the Plant Information Office, and the many contributing members of the Dave's Garden web forums for their help in identifying the unsigned species. Anyone who has a question or suggestion about any of the identifications is invited to contact me at mmlcharters[AT]gmail.com. I have also put photographs of a number of unidentified species on a separate page and you may access those by clicking on the appropriate link below.


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