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April 2007
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Borago officinalis
Boraginaceae (Borage family)
Salvia chiapensis
Chiapas sage
Lamiaceae (Mint family)

Aloe petricola
Rock aloe
Asphodelaceae (Aspodel family)
South Africa
The Aspodelaceae or asphodel family is one like many other families that is under revision. Its main genus is Aloe, which was placed by Cronquist as a family with the lily, iris and agave families into order Liliales. In 1998 the Asphodelaceae was accepted as a family in its own right, but the 2003 APG revision made this taxa an optional segregate of the family Xanthorrhoeaceae in the order Asparagales. This is why aloes sometimes are listed in the Liliaceae, Agavaceae, Aloaceae or Asphodelaceae. The greatest diversity of  the putative Asphodelaceae is in South Africa with such genera as Aloe, Asphodelus (hence the family name), Gasteria, Haworthia, Bulbine, Kniphofia and others, and about 800 species. The leaves are mostly basal or subbasal, linear, parallel-veined and sometimes succulent. The perianth parts are in 3's and the fruit is a capsule. One genus is in New Zealand.

Escallonia sp.
Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry family)
South America
Justicia brandegeana 'Variegata'
Shrimp plant
Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)

Teucrium cossonii
Fruity teucrium, Majorcan teucrium
Lamiaceae (Mint family)
Majorca, Balearic Islands
Senna surattensis
Glossy shower, Scrambled egg bush
Fabaceae (Pea family)
Asia, Australia and Polynesia

Chionanthus virginicus
Fringe tree
Oleaceae (Olive family)
Eastern U.S.
Chrysocephalum apiculatum 'Flambé
Common everlasting, Yellow buttons
Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Morus nigra
Black mulberry [fruit]
Moraceae (Mulberry family)
China, Korea
Livistona decipiens
Weeping cabbage palm, Ribbon fan palm
Arecaceae (Palm family)

cf. Plectranthus sp.
Lamiaceae (Mint family)
Iris douglasiana
Douglas iris
Iridaceae (Iris family)
California and Oregon

Brachychiton australis
Broad-leaved bottle tree
Sterculiaceae (Cacao family)
Pavonia praemorsa
Yellow mallow
Malvaceae (Mallow family)
South Africa


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