Latin name: Solanum umbelliferum Eschsch.
Pronunciation: so-LAY-num um-bel-IF-er-um
Common name: Blue-witch nightshade
Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade)
Habitat: Dry valleys and slopes to 6000', coastal sage scrub, chaparral, cismontane from San Diego to Santa Barbara Co., Laguna Mts
Blooming period: Most of the year
Name derivations: 1) Solanum 2) umbelliferum
NOTE: It appears that S. xanti and plants identified in Southern California as S. umbelliferum may be considered as a single species, but the Jepson Manual is maintaining each as a separate taxon while also saying they may hybridize and need further study. It is possible that S. umbelliferum only lives in Northern California and that our plants that way are not that taxon.