Latin name: Monardella nana A. Gray
  Pronunciation: mon-ar-DEL-la NAN-a
  Common name: Little monardella (Short-flowered
  Family: Lamiaceae (Mint)
  Habitat: Montane chaparral, woodland, forest, dry
  desert-like slopes, 2500'–8000', Peninsular Range
  Blooming period: May to August
  Click for Latin name derivations: 1) Monardella
  2) nana
  NOTE: This is the taxon that was formerly named
  Monardella nana ssp. tenuiflora, habitat dry slopes,
  3000'-8000', montane forest, chaparral, north Peninsu-
  lar Range, Mt. San Jacinto, now considered to be M.
  nana in the Jepson Manual 2nd Ed.
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