Hunewill Ranch
Bridgeport, California

I first went to the Hunewill Guest Ranch in 1999 and I've been going back every year since. The ranch is located in the Bridgeport Valley on Route 395 about 30 minutes north of Mono Lake and the western entrance to Yosemite National Park. The setting is spectacular, with snow-capped peaks in the background and miles of beautiful meadows to lope across.  The ranch has been in the possession of the Hunewill family since 1860, and there is a timeless quality to life there.  Cowboys still ride and move herds of cattle, fences are fixed, irrigation ditches are dug, and foals are born and raised.  During a typical week at the ranch, guests will have the opportunity to ride twice a day at whatever level they are comfortable with. There will be a creekside breakfast, an outdoor barbeque, a talent night, a gymkhana, colt
gentling, an all-day ride into the high country, the chance to work with cattle, plenty of good food, and clean, pleasant accomodations.  Many guests return for the same week each year and are happy to greet others they have come to know and be friends with.  It is a safe and healthy environment where young people can occupy themselves in countless ways, and there are local attractions such as Yosemite, Mono Lake and Bodie ghost town, in addition to many lovely hiking trails where botanists such as myself can study the eastern Sierran flora.  It has become one of my favorite places and my daughter and I will probably keep going back year
after year.  I hope you enjoy these pictures, and perhaps we will see you there sometime.

The Hunewill Guest Ranch with the snowcapped Sierra Nevadas in the background.

Typical two-room cabins on the "quad."

The sun is going down after another great day at Hunewill.

The horses coming in from the fields in the morning.

Cattle at the Hunewill.

My daughter (red shirt) and her friend at the barn.

My daughter (white shirt) and friend out in one of the meadows.

Riding out from the ranch.

The horse I had for the first three years, Heyoka (means "clown" in Navajo).

My horse, Shenandoah, that I've had for the past two years. Heyoka became a kids' horse.

View of the ranch from Upper Summers Meadow Road

Looking down into the Bridgeport Valley from about 2500' above, Bridgeport Reservoir in background.

For information about the Hunewill Guest Ranch, contact WWW.HUNEWILLRANCH.COM.

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