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Primate Nooz is pleased to announce that in the tiny, spruce-covered and impossibly remote village of Krasnoslobodsky, deeply nestled in the heart of beautiful western Azerbaijan and far from the rudely-prying electronic eyes of US satellites, heroic Russian scientists have finally achieved something they have been struggling for since the long-ago days of Peter the Great.  The feat was finally accomplished by Professor Arzamas Kuybyshev of the USSR Academy of Primatology at Minsk, one of the Soviet Union's foremost experts in genetic engineering, after decades of heartbreaking experimentation on great apes and lesser primates.
      Removed were the heart, lungs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, salivary glands, esophagus, small and large intestines, stomach, bile ducts, kidneys, adrenal glands, eyes, ears, spinal cord, larynx, pharynx and brain.  Assisting Dr. Kuybyshev's operating team in the 29-hour medical marathon was our own Dr. Dick Dick Doody of the Human Diseases and Primate Testing Facility, who flew from Hellmouth to Krasnoslobodsky last week with West Coast Correspondent and Really Scientific Letters Editor Mr. Christopher Shaw.
      The New East Siberia Patriotic Endeavor Uranium Complex No. 3 near Ubsk will be the ultimate destination for this new bioprimatic unit, whose designation is 13028. The life span and lifting force have not yet been absolutely calculated.


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Dr. Fyodor Butynski will be making an appearance in Hellmouth sometime next year. Current plans are for him to speak at the Old Primates Home and at Holy Friends Hall.  Dr. Butynski's association with Hellmouth goes back a long way.  He was a student at Sigsbee Junior Night College, and worked as a docent at the Municipal Zoo and Exotic Animal Crematorium. Read future issues of the Nooz for details or call our Public Events Office.

Produced as a public service by the friendly folks down at the Ralph A. Bennett Teasdale Corporation, with funding provided by Georgia Pacific Gabon, Piet's Primate Summer Camp, the Moscow Monkey Circus, the Equatorial Fruit Toxins Institute, the Cheesequake Chess and Checker Club, the International Bluetail Foundation, Al's Pharmaceuticals, Hellmouth Hardware Store, Ted's Primate Exports, the French National Monkey Academy Precision Flag Plummeting Team, and the Malagasy Extinct Lemur Society.
© M. Charters, 1990, Sierra Madre, CA.


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