Latin name: Nemophila menziesii Hook. & Arn. var. menziesii
Pronunciation: neh-MOF-i-la MING-is-ee-eye*
Common name: Baby blue eyes
Family: Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaf)
Habitat: Meadows, grassland, chaparral, woodland, slopes, desert washes to about 5000', California Floristic Province, Mojave Desert
Blooming period: February to May
Name derivations: 1) Nemophila 2) menziesii
*Pronunciation based on original Scottish pronunciation of the name Menzies. If you don't choose to pronounce it this way, it would be MEN-zeez-ee-eye.
NOTE: Var. menziesii and var. integrifolia are difficult to distinguish and differ mainly in the number of lobes on the lower leaves and the width of the corolla.