Juniperus californica Carrière

Californica Juniper
Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)

California juniper is most typically an aromatic evergreen shrub with thin shredding bark to 12' high and less commonly a tree that can reach 30' in height. It inhabits dry slopes and desert and interior cismontane flats to about 5000' in elevation in pinyon- juniper and joshua tree woodlands and in chaparral.  Its range includes the Transverse Range, the Peninsular Range and desert mountains from the western edge of the Colorado Desert and Joshua Tree N.P. to Kern Co.  There are several trunks at the base, and the leaves are scale-like, closely appressed, mostly in 3's, and pitted with glands on the back.  The blue berries mature around September of the second year. Minute scaly staminate cones and berrylike pistillate cones exist on the same tree. Pictures taken at Vasquez Rocks County Park.
Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Juniperus 2) californica.
Pronunciation: joo-NIP-er-us ka-li-FOR-ni-ka.
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