Acacia baileyana F. Muell.

Cootamundra wattle, Bailey acacia
Fabaceae (Pea)


In Australia the Acacias are typically called wattles. This one is widely naturalized in most Australian states, but is native to the Cootamundra region of New South Wales. It occurs in California along roadsides and in disturbed areas to an elevation of about 1000'. It belongs to the mimosa subfamily of the Fabaceae. It is a tree reaching 20' or so in height with unarmed branches. The silvery-blue leaves are 2-pinnate, the primary leaves with 3-6 pairs of overlapping leaflets, and the secondary leaflets with 12-20 pairs of linear and touching leaflets. The inflorescence is an axillary raceme of 8-10 bright yellow flower heads. The ± straight brown fruits are narrowed between seeds and are 1-1/2" to 4" in length.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Acacia 2) baileyana.
Pronunciation: a-KAY-see-a bay-lee-AY-na.
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