Oxalis corniculata L.

Creeping Wood-Sorrel
Oxalidaceae (Oxalis Family)


Creeping wood-sorrel, or weedy oxalis as it is also sometimes called, is a common and widespread weedy perennial growing in lawns and gardens throughout most of California.  It rises from a slender taproot, creeps horizontally and roots at the nodes. It is a native of Europe and blooms most of the year.  The yellow flowers have five sepals and five petals with ten stamens, five long and five short, and five pistils united at the base, and develop on 2"-long stems.  The leaves are trifoliate on 2"-3" long stems and the individual leaflets are heart-shaped and often bent inward from a mid-vein.  It is slightly pubescent and has ± cylindric brown seeds. Native to Europe.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Oxalis 2) corniculata.
Pronunciation: ox-AL-is kor-nik-yoo-LAY-ta.
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