Eriogonum nudum Benth. var. pauciflorum S. Watson

Few-Flowered Naked Buckwheat
Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)


Naked buckwheat is a complex of more than a dozen intergrading variants often seen in the middle to higher ranges of California.  It would appear that only three of these variants grow in Southern California.  I'm not certain which subspecies this is, but judging from its location near Mt. Pinos in the Western Transverse Range and its elevation at around 7500', I suspect that it is E. nudum var. pauciflorum.  The basal leaves are glabrous above and white-tomentose below, and are oblanceolate to ovate. The flowers can be yellow or white.  It occupies dry slopes and flats from 3300' to about 8500' and blooms from August to October.  The Jepson Manual reports this variant as uncommon, although it does not appear to be so in the San Gabriels.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Eriogonum 2) nudum 3) pauciflorum.
Pronunciation: air-ee-OG-an-um NOO-dum paw-si-FLOR-um.
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