Clarkia xantiana A. Gray ssp. xantiana

Gunsight Fairyfan
Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

Gunsight fairyfan or gunsight clarkia is an erect, simple or branched, glabrous annual growing to 32" tall with alternate linear to lance-linear leaves, subentire and almost sessile. The inflorescence axis is erect but the buds are nodding.  The four sepals remain fused and turned to one side, and the lavender to red-purple petals are two-lobed with a sharp tooth in the sinus, clawed, and often with a white-surrounded red-purple spot. There are eight stamens with the outer ones being lavender to purple, and the inner smaller and paler.  The stigma may extend beyond the anthers or not. This eye-catching Clarkia inhabits dry slopes from 1500' to 6000' on the north slopes of the Transverse Range and north to the Tehachapis and Inyo Co, and blooms in May and June.  This picture was taken off of the Big Pines Hwy (N4) just north of the Angeles Crest in the San Gabriels.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Clarkia 2) xantiana.
Pronunciation: KLAR-kee-a zan-tee-AY-na.
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