Latin name: Dieteria asteroides Torr. var. asteroides
  Pronunciation: di-et-EER-ee-a as-ter-OH-i-dees
  Common name: Scrub aster
  Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower)
  Habitat: Desert scrub, coastal scrub, dry fields, South
  Coast, San Jacinto Mts, east Sonora Desert, +/- 100 m.
  Blooming period: March to June, September to
  Click for Latin name derivations: 1) Dieteria
  2) asteroides
  Formerly Machaeranthera asteroides
  NOTE: Although the Jepson Manual says this taxon is
  in the San Jacintos (which is where this was photograph-
  ed, nowhere in the SnJt is there an elevation of 100 m.
  So this might not be D.a.a. at all.
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