Acamptopappus shockleyi A. Gray

Shockley's Goldenheads
Asteraceae (Sunflower)


Shockley's goldenheads is a mostly rounded, spinescent-branched, desert subshrub with straggling to ascending stems 1'-2' in height. The herbage is minutely hairy to scabrous, and the leaves are generally spatulate or oblanceolate to 1" long. The flowering heads are solitary at the terminal ends of nearly naked peduncles, radiate with 5-14 yellow ray petals. This species may be seen in creosote bush scrub and joshua tree woodland on desert plains and washes at 3000' to 6000', blooming from April to June. Its range is eastern San Bernardino County, the Mojave Desert, and the eastern Sierra Nevadas to southern Nevada. Shockley was a mining engineer and plant collector in western Nevada and eastern California, anf the first to collect plants in the White Mountains.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Acamptopappus 2) shockleyi.
Pronunciation: ak-amp-toe-PAP-us SHOK-lee-eye.
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