Latin name: Amsonia tomentosa Torrey & Frémont
Pronunciation: am-SEW-nee-a toe-men-TOE-sa
Common name: Woolly amsonia
Family: Apocynaceae (Dogbane)
Habitat: Dry slopes and flats, 2000'-5500', creosote bush scrub, joshua tree woodland, northern Colorado and Mojave Deserts
Blooming period: March to May
Name derivations: 1) Amsonia 2) tomentosa
NOTE: When you see a plant with leaves that look like the ones the middle picture, you might wonder why that plant is called 'woolly amsonia.' The Jepson Manual describes this species as glabrous or gray-tomentose. At one time there were two identified species, tomentosa and brevifolia, but they have now been lumped together into a single taxon.