Latin name: Navarretia leptalea (A. Gray) L.A. Johnson ssp. bicolor (H. Mason & A.D. Grant) L.A. Johnson
Pronunciation: nav-ar-ET-ee-a lep-TAY-lee-a BYE-kol-or
Common name: Bridges' gilia
Family: Polemoniaceae (Phlox)
Habitat: Open rocky areas in forest and meadowy grasslands to 9000', occasional in Santa Monicas, disjunct from high Sierras
Blooming period: June to September
Name derivations: 1) Navarretia 2) leptalea 3) bicolor
NOTE: So named because Thomas (Charles) Bridges, 1807-1865, was one of six individuals whom Asa Gray cited as collectors of this taxon.