Latin name: Calystegia macrostegia (E. Greene) Brummitt ssp. cyclostegia (House) Brummitt
Pronunciation: kal-i-STEE-jee-a mak-ro-STEE-jee-a sik-lo-STEE-jee-a
Common name: Coast morning glory
Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning glory)
Habitat: Dry slopes to 1000', coastal sage scrub, chaparral, mostly near the coast, L.A. County and north
Blooming period: March to August
Name derivations: 1) Calystegia 2) macrostegia 3) cyclostegia
NOTE: Intergrades with Calystegia macrostegia ssp. arida, Calystegia macrostegia ssp. macrostegia and Calystegia purpurata ssp. purpurata.