Phacelia fremontii Torrey

Fremont's Phacelia
Boraginaceae (Borage Family)


Fremont's phacelia or yellow throats is a short (to 12"), spreading few-to-many-stemmed annual, retrorsely puberulent below and glandular above, with mostly basal alternate leaves pinnately divided into oblong, generally roundish, entire to toothed segments, the leaves to 2" long below and reduced above.  The corolla is blue with a yellow-throated tube and the flowers are well projected above the leaves.  The calyx is short-hairy and densely glandular.  Yellow throats prefers sandy, gravelly or clay soils below 7000' and may be found in much of the Mojave Desert and around the northern base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in creosote bush scrub to juniper-pinyon woodland.  It blooms from March to May.

Click here for Latin name derivations: 1) Phacelia 2) fremontii.
Pronunciation: fa-SEEL-ee-a FREE-mont-ee-eye.
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