Latin name: Chylismia claviformis (Torrey & Frémont)
  W.L. Wagner & Hoch ssp. peirsonii (Munz) W.L. Wagner
  & Hoch
  Pronunciation: ky-LIS-mee-a kla-vi-FOR-mis PEER-

  Common name: Peirson's brown-eyed primrose
  Family: Onagraceae (Evening primrose)
  Habitat: Creosote bush scrub, Salton Sea to Imperial
  and east San Diego County, Anza-Borrego
  Blooming period: March to May
  Click for Latin name derivations:  1) Chylismia
  2) claviformis  3) peirsonii
  NOTE: The petals are usually yellow but occasionally
  populations of white-petalled ones are found. Conspic-
  uous sepal tips in bud are a reliable diagnostic feature.
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