Latin name: Drymocallis glandulosa (Lind.) Rydb. var. viscida (Parish) Ertter
Pronunciation: dry-mo-KAL-is gland-yoo-LO-sa VIS-i-da
Common name: Single-toothed sticky cinquefoil
Family: Rosaceae (Rose)
Habitat: Common in many habitats, dryish to damp open places, along streams, open areas under pines, to 8000', Transverse and Peninsular Ranges
Blooming period: May to August
Name derivations: 1) Drymocallis 2) glandulosa 3) viscida
NOTE: It's difficult in many cases to distinguish between var. reflexa and var. viscida since the discriminating characters such as shape of sepal tips, inflorescence branch angles, and shape of leaf teeth are preceded by 'generally' or 'mostly.' They intergrade which means that many individual plants are probably intermediate forms. I question the validity of separating them at all.