Latin name: Lepidium virginicum L. ssp. menziesii
  (DC.) Thell.
  Pronunciation: leh-PID-ee-um vir-JIN-i-kum MING-is-

  Common name: Wild peppergrass
  Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard)
  Habitat: Dry, disturbed areas, bottomland, riverbanks, mea-
  dows, fields, pastures, cliffs, scrub in most of CA to 8500'

  Blooming period: March to August
  Click for Latin name derivations:  1) Lepidium
  2) virginicum  3) menziesii
  Includes the former Lepidium virginicum var. pubescens
  and Lepidium virginicum var. robinsonii

  *Pronunciation based on original Scottish pronunciation of the name Menzies. If you don't choose to pronounce it this way, it would be MEN-zeez-ee-eye.
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