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Primate Nooz apologizes again and this time we really mean it. Alright, we admit it, we're stumped.  We're floored, we're bamboozled, we're at a loss.  We just don't understand how another infantile reference to some bogus article supposedly written by Chris Shaw managed to weasel its way into our 'Recommended Reading' section.   We can't figure out how it could have passed through our security and gotten into the paper.  And so, with the threat of further legal action hanging over us, we have taken stern measures to rectify the situation. The new editor of the 'Recommended Reading' section has been demoted to 'Adverts and Personals,' and we have invited Mr. Christopher Shaw himself to take over the position.  We are pleased to announce that he has accepted and will begin immediately.  Maybe he can put an end to this nasty business once and for all, and also he might be too busy to sue us.


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Christopher Shaw  (1988).  “Being the 'Recommended Reading' Editor for Primate Nooz Can Be a Tricky Business.” Reader's Digest,  887:12-28.  **

Dear Editor,
      I have been kept prisoner in a concrete-floored cage for over fifteen years.  Every day I am the subject of unpleasant experiments and increasingly intellectually-difficult tests.  I have already learned six thousand signs in ASL and can type, build and operate a small computer, and play the violin. How much more do they want me to know?  My cat Candy and I want to go back to the forest. What can I do to regain my freedom?
Dear 'Koko',

Dear Editor,
      I'm a sportive lemur and she's a ringtail.  I'm nocturnal and she's diurnal.  She loves to forage during the day and sleep at night.  I like going places when it's dark and then lying around all day.  We're just a crazy mixed-up couple.  I know it's wierd, but is there any way we can be happy together.
Dear 'Puzzled',
      You've summed up the situation pretty well.  Have you tried adopting a diel or crepuscular lifestyle?  If this fails, you can perhaps be nocturnal one week and diurnal the next.  And there's always the possibility that you're just with the wrong pri-“mate.”  In any case, good luck!


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I have taken out this ad to inform everyone who might be interested that the resident orangutan in my area of the forest is a jerk.  He likes to knock over trees and should be avoided.  I renounce any and all obligations resulting from my unfortunate con-sortship with this individual.  Penny.

Parents taken for medical research. Getting hungry.  Can't last too much longer.  Will you help?  Send spare bananas to Box 17, Libreville, Gabon.

Adult female blackeyed tamarin of breeding age, seeks preferably two males to take over all infant care after birth.  I'm in a hurry, so call.  B15

Female giant mouse lemur seeks lesser rumpled galago and/or pygmy marmoset for slightly unusual cross-species entertainment. Must be able to cling vertically without assistance. Send photo and vitals.  Can meet you at Antananarivo Airport. D20.

Recommended Reading' Editor for Primate Nooz seeks material for articles.  Contact Chris Shaw at the Nooz office.

Produced as a public service by those friendly folks down at the Ralph A. Bennett Teasdale Corp., with funding provided by Georgia Pacific Gabon, the Matsushita Chopstick Co., the USSR Academy of Primatology, Minsk, the Harvard University Primate Medical Testing Laboratory, the Ohio Order of Owl Monkey  Observers, the Woodrow Wilson Old World  Monkey Center, the Sigsbee Junior Night College Anthropology Club, the 1st National Bank of Hellmouth, the Tarsier Times, Lou's House of Leaves, the Primate Anti-Vivisection League, the Los Angeles County Museum of Unnatural History, Omohundro and Cricksdale  Monkey Books, and the National Science Foundation.
©  M. Charters, 1988, Sierra Madre, CA.
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